Single Extracts

Each 1.7fl oz (50 ml) bottle contains D1 extract from sustainably sourced trees and shrubs in Europe. 

Almond (Tree Bud Extract), Prunus amygdalus$14.00
Black Currant (Shrub Bud Extract), Ribes nigrum$14.00
Black Honeysuckle (Young Shoot Extract), Lonicera nigra$14.00
Black Mulberry (Tree Bud Extract), Morus nigra$14.00
Black Poplar ( Tree Bud Extract), Populus nigra$14.00
Blackberry (Young Shoot Extract), Rubus fructicosus$14.00
Blackthorn (Shrub Bud Extract), Prunus spinosa$14.00
Cedar of Lebanon (Tree Shoot Extract), Cedrus libani$14.00
Common Alder(Tree Bud Extract), Alnus glutinosa$14.00
Common Ash (Tree Bud Extract), Fraxinus excelsior$14.00
Common Beech (Tree Bud Extract), Fagus sylvatica$14.00
Common Birch (Tree Bud Extract) Betula pubescens$14.00
Common Box (Shrub Shoot Extract), Buxus sempervirens$14.00
Common Fig (Tree Bud Extract), Ficus carica$14.00
Common Heather (Shrub Shoot Extract), Calluna vulgaris$14.00
Crab Apple (Tree Bud Extract), Malus sylvestris$14.00
Dog Rose (Young Shoot Extract), Rosa canina$14.00
Dogwood ( Tree Bud Extract), Cornus sanguinea$14.00
Elm (Tree Bud Extract), Ulmus campestris$14.00
European Blueberry (Young Shoot Extract), Vaccinium myrtillus$14.00
Field Maple (Tree Bud Extract), Acer campestre$14.00
Giant Redwood (Young Shoot Extract) Sequoia gigantea$14.00
Ginkgo (Tree Bud Extract), Ginkgo biloba$14.00
Grey Alder (Tree Bud Extract), Alnus incana$14.00
Hawthorn (Young Shoot Extract) Crataegus oxyacantha$14.00
Hazel ( Shrub Bud Extract), Corylus avellana$14.00
Holly (Shrub Shoot Extract), Ilex aquifolium$14.00
Hornbeam (Tree Bud Extract) , Carpinus betulus$14.00
Horse Chestnut (Tree Bud Extract), Aesculus hippocastanum$14.00
Ivy ( Vine Shoot Extract), Ampelopsis wietchii$14.00
Juniper (Young Shoot Extract), Juniperus communis$14.00
Lemon (Tree Bark Extract), Citrus limonum cortex$14.00
Lilac (Shrub Bud Extract), Syringa vulgaris$14.00
Lingonberry (Young Shoot Extract) Vaccinium vitis-idaea$14.00
Lithy Tree (Tree Bud Extract), Viburnum lantana$14.00
Mistletoe (Young Shoot Extract), Viscum album$14.00
Oak (Tree Bud Extract), Quercus pedunculata$14.00
Olive (Young Shoot Extract), Olea europaea$14.00
Oriental Plane (Tree Bud Extract), Platanus orientalis$14.00
Red Raspberry (Young Shoot Extract) Rubus idaeus$14.00
Rosemary (Young Shoot Extract), Rosmarinus officinalis$14.00
Rowan Tree (Tree Bud Extract) Sorbus domestica$14.00
Rye ( Rootlet Extract), Secale cereale$14.00
Sea Buckthorn (Shrub Bud Extract), Hippophae rhamnoides$14.00
Silver Birch (Seed Extract) Betula verrucosa semmae$14.00
Silver Birch (Tree Bud Extract), Betula verrucosa$14.00
Silver Birch (Tree Sap), Betula verrucosa linfa$14.00
Silver Fir (Tree Bud Extract), Abies alba$14.00
Silver Lime (Tree Bud Extract), Tilia tomentosa$14.00
Sweet Chestnut (Tree Bud Extract), Castanea vesca$14.00
Tamarix (Young Shoot Extract), Tamarix gallica$14.00
Thuja ( Young Shoot Extract), Thuja orientalis$14.00
Walnut (Tree Buds Extract), Juglans regia$14.00
White Willow (Tree Bud Extract), Salix alba$14.00
Wild Grapevine ( Vine Bud Extract), Vitis vinifera$14.00
Wild Oats (Root Extract), Avena Sativa$14.00
Wild Privet (Young Shoot Extract), Lygustrum vulgare$14.00