What is the Art and Science of Gemmotherapy?

learn how your body is speaking to you and ways to boost immune system through Gemmotherapy protocols

Over a decade ago I set out to answer this question. I knew about the science of Gemmotherapy, the actions that each extract have on the body, and the micro-nutrients within each extract. But then there is also the ever-changing state of humanness.

How do we bring these two diverse perspectives together in order to support one’s healing journey from crisis to coherence?

I believe this is exactly what the Art of Gemmotherapy does. It fills the gaps between the facts and the experience of being human.

Come experience this and so much more in the Gemmos with Lauren's community.

What will you gain?

  • An engaged group of curious and connected seekers coming together from all over the world
  • The most comprehensive (and only!) online Materia Medica for Gemmo Extracts
  • On-demand foundational programs to get you started and live practicum series for advanced students
  • Live seasonal updates with Lauren to stay abreast of the latest Gemmo discoveries
  • A recording library with a wealth of information from past events for you to peruse at your leisure

Who is this community for?

  • Practitioners, Parents, and Individuals who seek opportunities to deepen their relationship with their health and well-being in a community setting
  • Your monthly membership gets you access to all of this.