I believe you were born
to be your own healer.

So I am committed to teaching you how to restore immunity naturally.

Hi there, I’m Lauren Hubele! I teach others to take charge of their own health and healing with Gemmotherapy.

Buds and flowers can boost your immune system.

Not familiar with Gemmotherapy?

It uses the extracts derived from trees and shrubs that have been used medicinally
throughout history. Unlike herbal tinctures, essential oils, or flower essences, Gemmotherapy extracts use the embryo of the plant, which carries within it all the power and potential of life itself. Gemmotherapy is the only treatment that uses embryonic matter, and this is so crucial! That embryonic matter creates life and reminds the body of what’s possible.

The part of the tree, shrub, or vine used in preparation of the extracts contains high levels of meristem cells (the plant equivalent of stem cells). These cells give the extracts their ability to clean, nourish, and rejuvenate organ tissue for unparalleled healing.
Gemmotherapy is accessiblible, affordable, and powerful!

It restores your ownership of your own health and requires you to actively participate in your own healing process.

You are not broken. You are not to blame. Your body is so wise, and Gemmotherapy can be
a potent catalyst and reminder for you on your journey back to balanced immunity.

Over the years, I’ve helped several hundred families take charge of their own health and healing with the support of Gemmotherapy.

Here is a mere handful of examples of the healing potential that’s possible through Gemmotherapy:

Dan used gemmotherapy as a naturopathic treatment for anxiety.

Dan 36, on medications for ADHD since his teens, faced increasing anxiety and sleeplessness. In lieu of another prescription, he chose to make simple, but profound, lifestyle and dietary changes and began a Gemmotherapy protocol. He resolved all symptoms and was medication free in six months.

Gemmotherapy is a form of family natural medicine.

Emma Born at 28 weeks gestation, Emma received Gemmotherapy through her mother’s pumped breastmilk. She never needed a ventilator and avoided any respiratory infections. Emma left the hospital before her due date. She’s now 3 years old and thriving!

Helen successfully used gemmotherapy and a plant based diet to conceive.

Helene A 42-year-old woman with thyroid imbalances who was told she could never conceive naturally. With Gemmotherapy and dietary changes, she was pregnant within 3 months!

You can do this. Gemmotherapy is an amazing tool to access your body’s
natural healing power, which can serve you for the rest of your life!

Explore what Gemmotherapy can do for:

Gemmotherapy is an effective answer for how to build up immune system.