Advanced Gemmotherapy: Restoring Alkalinity, May 18


Learn to recognize and resolve long standing states of acidosis, Stage 3, of Restoring Immunity.  Once elimination has been optimized it’s time to begin the cleaning that remains. Discover which areas of the body receive priority and the extracts that have proven most useful for each.

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course description

Alkalinity is restored when states of acidosis are resolved with the use of specific extracts that engage the lymphatic and circulatory systems.  This deep level of cleaning is most effective only once elimination is optimized.  In this class learn how to reroute any cleaning that still occurs from alternate exits and address remaining acidosis in the body.  The work is considered to be Stage 3 of Restoring Immunity and can only begin once elimination is optimal.

In this course we will: 

  1. Review the term acidosis and learn physical symptoms of acidosis
  2. Explore new extracts with primary and secondary actions on the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  3. Practice building protocols with these new extracts that continue to support the kidney and adrenals. 

Price:   $65 per session 

Advanced Gemmotherapy 


The completion of Foundations of Gemmotherapy 1 & 2, as well as some solid personal experience with the extracts,  is expected prior to enrollment.