European Blueberry (Young Shoot Extract), Vaccinium myrtillus


1.7fl oz (50 ml)

Blueberry’s primary action is as a tonic for the intestines’ motility, balancing flora and resolving inflammation. It improves flora in the urinary tract and resolves inflammation in blood vessels. Its secondary actions are as a tonic for microcirculation in the head (eyes and ears), and as a mild diuretic. Indirectly Blueberry improves menstrual symptoms through optimized stool elimination.

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In the Restoring Immunity System:

Young shoots of European Blueberry are used in full dose in Stage 2 and 3 to help bowel elimination for those with medium-high vitality, for chronic infections of intestines or urinary tract, for women during menses.

European Blueberry that provides its shoots for the preparation of Gemmotherapy Extract is a small, richly branched shrub 8 to 24 inches (20 to 60 cm) tall. The appearance of European Blueberry in an area reveals a certain degradation of the soil. The plant has a long, underground rhizome from which slender, meandering roots branch out and numerous straight shoots arise, which tend to cover and protect the ground. The fruit is a false berry of dark blue color and the size of a pea. The European Blueberry is frequent in the woods and undergrowth of conifers and deciduous trees, in heaths and bogs in the process of drying up. It prefers mid-shade woods, acid and decalcified soils. It is present in the mountainous regions of Northern and Central Europe.

European Blueberries do not grow in Greece and are only found in Italy in the mountain ranges, so they went unnoticed during antiquity. St. Hildegard of Bingen (12th century) declared it “good for giving blood and promoting menstruation”. The leaves are tonic, astringent, antiseptic and have been used to normalize blood sugar. But it is above all the fruits that have been used for their refreshing, tonic, astringent, disinfectant and antiseptic virtues.

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  • Plant: 5%
  • Glycerine: 33%
  • Ethanol: 18%
  • Water: 44%