Restoring Immunity 2: Your Elimination Systems


How does optimal elimination improve immunity? In this class you’ll learn the role of the urinary and digestive systems in restoring immunity. Discover the symptoms that occur due to poor elimination and the extracts that have proven to be most successful for optimizing elimination.


course description

If you are ready to begin thinking like a Gemmotherapist this course is your next step. Restoring Immunity 2 builds on the concept of harmonizing the nervous system, moving to the next stage of optimizing elimination.  Learn the specific Gemmotherapy extracts that improve individual types of stool elimination, and prepare the body to clean optimally.   

What to expect:

  • Grow in your understanding of elimination and it’s a key role in health and healing
  • Identify the primary and secondary symptoms that are signs of poor elimination
  • Discover the Gemmotherapy extracts that best support different types of elimination
  • Learn how a cleansing meal each morning can aid the elimination of accumulated waste products.


Restoring Immunity 2 is a live, interactive online course presented over four weeks. Live participation on a laptop with a video camera is recommended as it allows for the most beneficial experience. For those unable to attend, and for review purposes, a live link for each session is made available 24 hours after the scheduled class for later viewing.

Upon purchase of this class, you will receive a welcome email with login details for live participation on Zoom video conferencing and a link to the Google folder for your particular class. 

What students say:

“I just completed Lauren’s course— so much learning in an environment that nurtures practitioners. I’m continually impressed by Lauren’s ability to make this complex subject accessible to different types and levels of practitioners. My confidence grows with each course, and I feel blessed to be her student. I look forward to the next course with Lauren and making greater use of these powerful healing extracts. Bravo!”
– Isabel Frankel, CCH

“What a wonderful class!. We learn how best to aid our elimination as well as greatly increase our effectiveness as Gemmotherapists and expand the list of Gemmotherapy extracts we know how to work with!”
– Piers Wander