Restoring Immunity in Pets


Is it possible to support your pet naturally in the face of acute and chronic symptoms?  While we all want the very best for our pets it can be difficult to find safe, non-toxic and cost-effective options — fortunately, Gemmotherapy offers exactly that. Learn the fundamentals of using Gemmotherapy to restore immunity and explore how this approach translates to our companion animals. 


course description

Join Lauren, and two of her first students of Gemmotherapy who now successfully create protocols for pets in their practices. Susie Killian and Janice Doyle generously share a wealth of information that they have gleaned through their personal and professional work with animals.  

This course is for all pet owners and those who work with companion animals. 

What to expect:

  • Learn how immunity, the nervous system and elimination are connected
  • Discover signs of poor elimination in your pets and the range of extracts most suited for to help
  • Distinguish between acute and chronic symptoms
  • Hear proven protocols for acute symptoms


Restoring Immunity in Pets is a live, interactive online 3 hour course presented in one session. Live participation on a laptop with a video camera is recommended as it allows for the most beneficial experience. For those unable to attend, and for review purposes, a link of the recording is made available 24 hours after the scheduled class for later viewing.

Upon purchase of this class, you will receive a welcome email with login details for live participation on Zoom video conferencing and a link to the Google folder for your particular class. 

What students say:

“I really enjoyed the Gemmos for Pets class. There was so much good information on Gemmos for animals. I have been hesitant to try them on animals and this class lifted that. Because both Susie and Janice are also homeopaths and Gemmotherapists with a holistic approach, it was so refreshing to hear about their experiences. The case presentations were very helpful and interesting to follow in the progression of treatment and cure. Also, the added info on diet and on vaccine clearing is also helpful, including the references they mentioned. I have treated my own animals and the animals of clients over the years with homeopathy and now have another wonderful modality to use.”
– Georganne