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sourced Gemmotherapy extracts in the United States.



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What are Gemmotherapy Extracts?

Gemmotherapy extracts are derived from specific trees and shrubs which
have been historically significant due to their medicinal potential.

The meristem cells promote three simultaneous actions on organ tissue:
cleaning, the providing of nutrients, and revitalization.


Taken in a glass of water or directly into the mouth, Gemmotherapy extracts
engage organs and organ systems on a cellular level, reminding them
of their innate purpose, functions and capabilities.

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We provide the broadest range of high quality, sustainably sourced
Gemmotherapy extracts offered in the United States.

It’s true! Our family owned business, located in San Marcos, Texas, makes available D1 single
extracts, concentrated extract blends, kits, and a small assortment of supportive products, all with
the intent to safely and effectively restore immunity for you and your family.


Our Gemmotherapy extracts are produced by PlantExtrakt under the strict regulations
set forth by the European Union. Each extract is certified organic within the E.U.


Unlike herbal tinctures, Gemmotherpay extracts are produced from young, fresh plant material.
The maceration process for our extracts begins within hours of picking. When tested against
European competitors, extracts produced by PlantExtrakt contained a higher concentration of
active plant material, providing more cleaning, nutrients, and revitalization per drop.

Meet our store manager, Kristin!


Kristin is our amazing store manager and customer care specialist. She prepares all of our store orders Monday-Friday and provides incredible care to customers like you! You can reach out to her with store questions at

Kristin also runs a family restaurant with her husband in San Marcos and is a dedicated mom, yogi, and animal lover.