What Gemmotherapy Can Do for Kidney Stones

If you have passed a kidney stone, you know two things.

  1. It’s incredibly painful.
  2. You’d rather not have that experience again.

The problem is, if you created one kidney stone, it is highly likely there are more to follow — unless you correct the underlying problem.

Let me begin by sharing that you don’t have a “kidney problem” when stones are produced. You have an elimination problem, which is exacerbated by animal protein in your diet.

The Real Cause

Kidney stones are simply the body’s compensation when your natural ability to clean and eliminate is challenged. The creation of these stones is just the kidneys’ way of helping out.

It’s important to note there is nothing wrong with your kidneys — actually, your attention should be directed much further upstream.

Overconsumption of animal protein challenges the kidneys’ ability to properly filter and eliminate waste. Over time, this uneliminated waste builds up and hardens into stones. The tendency to create kidney stones runs in families the same way less-than-optimal stool elimination (and a diet high in animal protein) also runs in families. Read more in Rethinking Elimination.

I’ve worked with clients who have faced a lifetime of kidney stones, and with a supportive Gemmotherapy protocol and dietary adjustments, they not only dissolve existing stones but no longer produce new ones.

What You Can Do

If you or a loved one have been challenged by kidney stones and wish to change that cycle of production, your first step is to adopt a more plant-based diet. You don’t need to give up all animal protein, but you certainly need to reduce the amount to once daily. When I use the term animal protein, that includes all meat and all dairy products. I recommend my clients eliminate all dairy products first, then observe what other reductions might support the resolution of their symptoms.

Recently, a female client with a history of kidney stones, age 59, began passing one. After experiencing success through an acute Gemmotherapy protocol, she offered to share her story as a source of inspiration. It is important for me to point out, as in the story below, kidney stones can cause blockages that require emergency care. My work is to prevent them from occurring or support your body to pass them with ease. When acute symptoms are present, the responsible path is to work with your physician to carefully monitor the stones.

I began to have kidney stones about four years ago. Since then I have experienced symptoms of radical pain, vomiting from pain and blood pressure skyrocketing. Seven times, I ended up in the ER desperate for help even though normally, I would prefer to avoid hospitals and conventional medicine.

Just a month ago, I went to the ER again with extreme pain. A CT scan showed two stones, side by side, both fairly large, and I was encouraged to check into the hospital and see their urologist the next morning, with surgery the likely option. I begged to go home and see if they would pass on their own. I believe I had passed some on my own previously, since the pain and symptoms subsided. They did subside, and I assumed the stones had passed.

Two weeks later, I began to experience kidney pain and super uncomfortable, UTI-like symptoms. I tried to ride it out, but nothing helped. Once more, I landed in the ER. They performed another CT scan, and it showed the two stones in exactly the same place. I was told there was no possible way the stones would move, and my kidney was backing up. This is a dangerous situation and had happened to me before. I was allowed to go home on the condition I would meet with the urologist the next morning.

I did. The urologist was gravely concerned and told me these conditions could be life-threatening. He proposed surgery with a camera to remove the stones under full anesthesia. He also was going to use the camera to take x-rays to be sure nothing more was going on, since the swelling was alarming.

He scheduled the surgery for one day later and sent me home with strong pain medication. I was miserable and exhausted from symptoms that had not abated for a week.

I came home and got immediately in touch with Lauren. OH HAPPY DAY! I had two of the three Gemmotherapy extracts suggested to support the passing of kidney stones. Lauren shared that it had been her experience that the stones will move and can do so quickly however, surgery needed to be the backup plan if there was no improvement. And so after taking several doses of the extracts, I went to bed.

The next morning, I woke and noticed right away that all of my suffering symptoms were gone. I went to urinate and strained my urine. At the bottom of the strainer was… a kidney stone. It had moved in less than 24 hours — more like 12 hours! I do not know if the other passed in the night — all I know is EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM IS GONE!

I continue to take the extracts suggested and follow a plant-based diet. I also plan to have a follow-up CT scan to be sure all issues have cleared up. My expectation is YES because I know my body well and feel every little thing. I look forward to hearing an “all clear” on kidney stones.

My advice to anyone who has stones is to try Gemmotherapy extracts as Lauren teaches. She knows her stuff. Everyone I tell is amazed.

So, there you have a firsthand account and an option to consider. If you would like further information on Gemmotherapy extracts, you’ll want to read my Beginner’s Guide to Gemmotherapy. Specific information on dosing Gemmotherapy extracts can be found in my books, “An Introduction to Acute Care” and “Building Immunity in Babies and Children.”

For individualized support, I recommend you consult with a practitioner trained in Gemmotherapy to restore immunity, or consider working directly with me. Looking for a deeper understanding? Consider taking my next Foundations of Gemmotherapy series.

The information above is for educational purposes and not meant to replace the care and guidance of your health care practitioner.