Take a course in Gemmotherapy

Whether you're new to Gemmotherapy or have considerable experience, these courses give you a practical framework for using extracts to their greatest potential. If you want to learn techniques to support clients or family members — or your own healing — there’s a course for you.



How does Gemmotherapy support your body’s ability to heal? You’ll learn the basics to start using Gemmotherapy extracts.

Foundations of Gemmotherapy II

Ready to start thinking like a Gemmotherapist? This course focuses on optimizing elimination for specific cases.


How can Gemmotherapy help restore immunity? If you’re a practitioner, parent or student of the body, this course is for you.

Foundations of Gemmotherapy for Pets

We all want the best for our pets! It can be difficult to find natural options — fortunately, Gemmotherapy offers a safe approach.



Are you the one other moms ask for health advice? This course can help you build confidence to support other families.


Have questions for other moms trained in Gemmotherapy? This is your chance to share challenges with like-minded friends.


You’re ready to use Gemmotherapy with clients! What comes next? Integrating with your practice can be a challenge.

Advanced Gemmotherapy

Ready for the next step? Learn how to help clients optimize elimination — including mothers, infants and children.