Gemmotherapy Courses

Get the tools and techniques I've pioneered in my years of practice. Whether you're new to Gemmotherapy or have considerable experience, these courses will provide you with a practical framework for using the extracts to their greatest potential.



Foundations I is open to all interested in learning a system for restoring immunity using Gemmotherapy extracts. These lessons focus on the fundamental holistic principles and how Gemmotherapy supports the body’s natural ability to heal.

Foundations of Gemmotherapy II

Foundations II builds on the principles shared in Foundations I by providing specific tools for case taking and extract selection. (Prerequisite: Foundations I)

Foundations of Gemmotherapy for Pets

In Foundations of Gemmotherapy for Pets, gain a basic understanding of resolving acute and chronic symptoms in your beloved pets.


Advanced Gemmotherapy

In Advanced Gemmotherapy participants move beyond basic case taking and explore the ways in which Gemmotherapy extracts support fertility and pregnancy as well as resolving chronic states of acidosis. (Prerequisite: Foundations I & II)

Live Gemmotherapy Clinic

All practitioners who have taken Foundations of Gemmotherapy are invited to participate in Live Clinics, our monthly live gathering for case discussion. (Prerequisite: Foundations of Gemmotherapy I & II)

Gemmo Lab

Gemmo Lab is an experiential series exploring six extracts to support the nervous system. Each lab meeting includes an overview of the specific extract of the week and roundtable reporting from participants on their own experiences. (Prerequisite: Foundations of Gemmotherapy I & II)

Community Summit: Gemmotherapy

The quarterly Community Summit offers an opportunity to gather as a community to hear new developments and discuss specific needs regarding the use of Gemmotherapy extracts with clients (Prerequisite: Any training with Lauren Hubele)


In-Person Events

Gemmotherapy Immersion Retreat

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of this powerful plant-based healing methodology, surrounded by like-minded peers and colleagues, while carving out plenty of time and space for you to recharge your batteries away from the daily grind.


Join author and educator Lauren Hubele in person for a unique and memorable interactive opportunity. Open to all interested in learning how to use Gemmotherapy extracts to build or restore immunity and a holistic approach to supporting the body's natural ability to heal.