Anamaria Sanduta

Anamaria Sanduta
Self Empowering Medicine Facilitator


Why Gemmotherapy?

It was happening 7 years ago with some courses organized by the romanian association of gemmotherapy and homeopathy. It is a complex therapy that speaks directly to the cells and also sustain the "Light" of the body.

This is how I believe we heal:

The Illness is a great opportunity offered by the Higher Intelligence to bring us back in our Authenticity, in our real Self. The Illness is a feedback mechanism that tells us we have an unbalanced mind and a polarized perception of reality. We can come back in our Center, in neg-entropy state changing our perspective, bringing our mind in a colapsed cuantum state perception, our SNA in a safe mode, our body sustained with "inteligent informations" like gemmos, homeopathic remedies, Bach remedies, bees products.


My combo are including principles of Traditional medicine, New German Medicine, Recall Healing, Coaching Healing formula using Universal Laws, The Gene Keys, The Human Design System, Gemmotherapy

Anamaria's Pricing Structure

First appointment (1,5 hours)


Follow-up (1 hour)