Hi, I’m Lauren!

I believe the lost connection so many of us feel toward ourselves began with our lost connection to the plant world.

For millennia, our ancestors saw the forest as a source that sustained their lives through medicine, food, and raw material. They were deeply grateful for all that the forest provided them, and therefore, protected the forest like they protected their own lives. From this intentional and watchful caretaking, a beautiful symbiosis developed. Human life was intertwined with the seasons of the forest. Our ancestors understood the forest to be a sacred place and revered the trees and shrubs that inhabited it. They deeply respected the forest and all of its offerings — never taking more than met their needs.

This vital knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. And even if we feel as though we have lost a sense of that foundational forest wisdom, let us not forget that we share DNA with these ancestors. The knowledge they possessed still resides within each of us, and I have found Gemmotherapy to be the catalyst that brings that deeply held truth back up to our conscious awareness.

What are these truths that Gemmotherapy can reconnect us to?

  • Acknowledging our birthright that we are the caregivers of our own body
  • Understanding that maintaining health depends on the alignment of our spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing
  • Listening to how our body communicates disharmony and utilizing the generational wisdom of the plants to know which ones to call upon to restore harmony


I am convinced that re-establishing these connections set our feet on the path of assuming our roles as caregivers of our bodies and the land we inhabit.


This is Gemmotherapy. A wondrously potent forest medicine that returns us to that ancestral knowledge and connects us to the sacredness of the forest, ourselves, and our own healing.

A Little Bit About Me:

18 years ago, I had already suffered a lifetime of chronic sinusitis and recurrent bronchial

infections. For years, I’d taken hormonal birth control pills, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and sleep medications, but none of that got my attention the way a melanoma diagnosis did.

My own mother died as a result of her melanoma cancer at the age of 25, so my diagnosis was a massive wakeup call. I was 41 years old and four months pregnant. I had teenage daughters, my unborn son, and a partner, and I wanted to be there for them. I decided then and there that I wanted to live out a different storyline.

After my second melanoma surgery and recovery, it hit me: I realized no one else could do the work I needed to do for myself. I was determined to find the answer to my own healing riddle.

Luckily, I was living in Heidelberg, Germany, where natural health options are abundant. I met a physician trained in homeopathy and naturopathic medicine and began homeopathic protocols. I learned firsthand the cleaning and healing capabilities of the body and experienced a profound paradigm shift in how I think about health and healing.

When I came across Gemmotherapy, I knew I’d found a major piece of the puzzle. I felt like “Yes, this is it. THIS is what I’ve been looking for: simplicity and tapping into the body’s own resources.”

After my recovery, I realized I needed to share this amazing healing message with the world, and I have dedicated my life to this work ever since.

How I Can Help

That life-changing experience revealed my newfound purpose and passion: teaching you how to restore your own health so that you will be inspired to share what you have learned with others — thereby creating a more healthful world.

I am an educator, author, and distributor of my own line of Gemmotherapy extracts.

I’ve written 3 books and have created an entire library of podcasts and a comprehensive series  of courses for individuals, parents, and practitioners to utilize the power of Gemmotherapy for themselves, their families, and their clients. I’ve helped hundreds of families take charge of their own health and healing, and I live for that “aha” moment when the person I am teaching or coaching finds that missing piece to their healing.

I love teaching the power of restoring immune health and the benefits of Gemmotherapy along with a plant-based diet. I believe amazing things happen when

you take responsibility for your own health.

Will you join me?

Healthy and Happy

Lauren's family embraces natural family health

Today I lead a life full of gratitude. I am the proud mama to two healthy, happy adult daughters and a teenage son, and a wife to the love of my life and best friend. I recharge on the weekends by spending time in nature, cooking, and sharing plant-based meals with those I love.

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