Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m on a mission to reclaim the word health,
and bring it back to a place of remembering that we
already have within us everything we need to heal.

I believe the way people are caring for their own bodies today is not sustainable
and that our system for caring for these bodies when they become dis-eased is broken.

The answer isn’t difficult or complex. It requires doing things a little differently
and using what nature has already given us as the most beautiful reminder that
the healing powers we seek are already present in our bodies.

A Little Bit About Me:

18 years ago, I had already suffered a lifetime of chronic sinusitis and recurrent bronchial
infections. For years, I’d taken hormonal birth control pills, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications,
and sleep medications, but none of that got my attention the way a melanoma diagnosis did.
My own mother died as a result of her melanoma cancer at the age of 25, so my diagnosis
was a massive wakeup call. I was 41 years old and four months pregnant. I had teenage
daughters, my unborn son, and a partner, and I wanted to be there for them. I decided
then and there that I wanted to live out a different storyline.

After my second melanoma surgery and recovery, it hit me: I realized no one else could do the work
I needed to do for myself. I was determined to find the answer to my own healing riddle.

Luckily, I was living in Heidelberg, Germany, where natural health options are abundant.
I met a physician trained in homeopathy and naturopathic medicine and began homeopathic
protocols. I learned firsthand the cleaning and healing capabilities of the body and
experienced a profound paradigm shift in how I think about health and healing.

When I came across Gemmotherapy, I knew I’d found a major piece of the puzzle.
I felt like “Yes, this is it. THIS is what I’ve been looking for: simplicity and
tapping into the body’s own resources.”

After my recovery, I realized I needed to share this amazing healing
message with the world, and I have dedicated my life to this work ever since.

How I Can Help

That life-changing experience revealed my newfound purpose and passion:
teaching you how to restore your own health so that you will be inspired to share what
you have learned with others — thereby creating a more healthful world.

I am an educator, author, and distributor of my own line of Gemmotherapy extracts,
and continue to coach the families I have worked with for many years.

I’ve written 3 books and have created an entire library of courses for individuals,
parents, and practitioners to utilize the power of Gemmotherapy for themselves, their
families, and their clients. I’ve helped hundreds of families take charge of their own health and
healing, and I live for that “aha” moment when the person I am teaching or coaching
finds that missing piece to their healing.

I love teaching the power of restoring immune health and the benefits
of Gemmotherapy along with a plant-based diet. I believe amazing things happen when
you take responsibility for your own health.

Will you join me?

Healthy and Happy

Lauren's family embraces natural family health

Today I lead a life full of gratitude. I am the proud mama to two healthy, happy adult daughters
and a teenage son, and a wife to the love of my life and best friend. I recharge on the weekends by
spending time in nature, cooking, and sharing plant-based meals with those I love.

Let's get social!