Shanna Boatler

Shanna Boatler
C.H.N, Gemmotherapist
& Health Coach

Infants, Children, Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Why Gemmotherapy?

I love the simplicity of Gemmo Extracts and how naturally they work with the body to heal, nourish and build resilience starting at the cellular level. I started using Gemmos with my daughter at a very young age and keeping her healthy without the use of conventional medicines has always been a top priority. The more I used the extracts for her and myself, I saw what healing capabilities they held and I knew how beautifully they would compliment my holistic nutrition approach to healing.

This is how I believe we heal:

I believe we heal when we nurture our bodies with nutrient dense foods but we must also address our nervous system and then our elimination. Starting with the nervous system helps to rebalance our emotional state and allows us to then address our elimination. When our elimination is working properly, we can move toxins out of bodies and therefore remove inflammation and also begin to rebuild our immunity, which is the key to good health.


Holistic Nutrition
Health Coach

Shanna's Pricing Structure

First Appointment (90 min)


Follow-up (45-60 min)


Acute for Existing Client (30 min)


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