Lauren Hubele, Med, BS. Gemmotherapy Educator, Author and PractitionerI discovered gemmotherapy when it was suggested by my naturopathic physician after a second melanoma occurrence. At the time, with the focus on my own healing it was just a part of my daily protocol and it never particularly raised my interest level. A few years later, however, when looking for better ways to best address and resolve chronic inflammation for homeopathic clients, I remembered my own experience with gemmotherapy extracts.

Ten years ago there was very little material in English on Gemmotherapy and what was available was not necessarily reliable. I think the challenge of gaining further information and knowledge was part of what spurred my interest. Before I realized it myself I was being led me on a remarkable quest, one that still continues today. I have spent the past years connecting with experts across Europe some I have been fortunate enough to study with directly. Today the quest has connected me with deeply with Romania and also France where Gemmotherapy flourishes.

The reliable results I achieved with my clients inspired me to create a method I could share with other practitioners. In 2015 I began teaching practitioners from across the U.S. both live online and in person and now spend my summers also teaching in Europe. It is my personal belief that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential of these plant bud extracts.


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