Care to Join Me in Europe?

Six short weeks from now, I will be packing my bags and heading for a teaching tour in Europe. Whether you can make it in person or must travel vicariously with me on Instagram, you are most welcome! All programs are open to the public with prior registration.

Fancy a trip to Belgium? I’ll be presenting materials from my Foundations of Gemmotherapy 1 and 2 courses just south of Brussels in Lillois-Witterzée, Brabant, Belgium. Hosted by herbalist Brigitte Florani, owner of Flor Alternative, this four-day program is June 15-18. The course will be taught in English with French translation. Get registration details.

Has an adventure in eastern Europe always been on your list? Then join me in Cluj, Romania,

June 22-23. Supporting Immunity in Babies and Children will be the theme for this two-day seminar held at the University of Cluj-Napoca Center for Biodiversity. This event is sponsored by the Romanian Association for Gemmotherapy and Homepathy. For registration details, contact me directly at While my workshop is only two days, I am lucky enough to have an extended stay in this beautiful, historic city. I’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to work with Dr. Neli Olah on a Gemmotherapy materia medica. Dr. Olah will be providing the pharmacological actions of each extract, and I will share my clinical experience. It’s pretty much a dream come true for me! Also, the end result will be a wonderful gift to students of Gemmotherapy.

What about traveling a bit further northeast? At the end of June, I will depart Cluj for Kiev, Ukraine. There, I will present materials from Foundations 1 and 2 in English with Russian translation. The four-day program is July 1-4 and will be held at the Demyan Popov Homeopathic Center. Sponsored by my student Lena Kozolets, this will be the first-ever teaching on Gemmotherapy in Ukraine. The event also aligns with the release of my books in Russian. Register by calling Kozlovets Lena at +380674925566 (viber/tel/WhatsApp). And if studying Gemmotherapy in Kiev is not enough of an attraction, here are 15 reasons to visit this fascinating city.

From Kiev, I make my way to Foix in the French Pyrenees by the first weekend in July. There, I will return to my regular coaching schedule, offer a few workshops locally and promote the French release of my Acute Care and Building Immunity in Babies books. More information is forthcoming on my teaching schedule in Foix.

So, what do you think? Do any of these opportunities speak to you? Let me know if I can answer any questions or share more about any of the local areas in order to sway you. 🙂