Do You Trust Your Body? Or, Lessons from Rowan

May 10, 2022

Lauren_10 May

"There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine."


Dear beloved,

Since I first held her tiny unfolding form hours after birth, it’s been clear my granddaughter Rowan is here on a mission. She is a teacher and her lessons are there for all willing to receive. Last Sunday, as that hi-tone tension in my arm dissipated, I decided a healthy dose of sweet Rowan was exactly what was needed.

At nearly 10 months she wears well the genetic will and the determination of both her parents. But Rowan is also guided by something much more profound than will, her inner compass. It is that compass that she came into the world trusting. She wakes each morning checking in and receiving feedback that she is safe in her body and safe in her world.

Today, and hopefully for many days to come, Rowan accepts this without question. Her development actually depends on this relationship of trust. There are none of the stories or entanglements with fate that the adult mind likes to create. Rowan’s trust is pure and true.

Observing her master the art of walking, I notice the way in which she tests and accepts her limitations. When there’s a bump or mom strays too far, she asks and welcomes comfort. And when she reaches her limit she surrenders to rest.

There you have it, a simple yet profound strategy for life, scripted not by the mind but rather an innate core trust in her body and the messages it provides. You were born with that same script, but along the way it was edited here and there. Then stories emerged to explain the edits and before long physical conditions to match the storylines. Like a ball of yarn, where it begins and ends is lost.

It’s not right or wrong it just is, but as an adult you have the autonomy to hit pause, rewind, and rediscover that sense of safety, that trust. It will be like coming across that sparkling spring of water after an arduous hike in the blazing sun. You might not trust what you see, but one cool drink and you will remember. Because just like all of the trauma that is in your cells, so too is this innate trust in your body. It was there first.

How do you get back there? Well you first have to recognize where you are. Let’s go back to Rowan’s lessons.

Do you test and then accept your physical, mental and emotional limitations? Trusting the process?

Are you able to ask and receive comfort, from yourself or a loved one?  

When you reach your limit do you take the time to rest and rejuvenate?


Anything come up for you in your answers? If so I’d say you just discovered the exact spot to begin. Beautiful.

So, work with that this next week. Observe and catch yourself when you push beyond your limitations. Practice asking for comfort from yourself or others. And for goodness sake take time to rest when you’ve hit your limit. In the meantime I'll check back in with my teacher Rowan to see if she has some further lessons.

Until next week,


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