Gemmo Memo: Blackthorn

Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, is a shrub native to Europe and Western Asia. Growing 6-10 feet in height, it was commonly used throughout history along with Hawthorn to border fields as a protection from animals. Its creamy white flowers, which appear before the leaves, were a signal of the arrival of spring.

Blackthorn shrubs appear in the text of many European fairy tales with themes of life, death and protection. The spur-like shoots off the stems have an intense, foreboding nature, alluding to the protection it provides both physically and medicinally. Historically, all parts of this plant (the flowers, bark, leaves and sloe berries) were widely used across many cultures to boost immunity, our body’s source of protection.

The benefits of blackthorn Gemmotherapy extract, a tonic for the hypothalamic/pituitary/adrenal axis, are best received by honoring the order in which the body heals. In acute states, it can be used as part of a recovery protocol to restore strength and stamina. It is also a primary extract for aiding the optimization of stool elimination. 

Although there are many variations to the individual who could benefit from the benefits of blackthorn extract, in general, this person may exhibit some or all of the following:

  • Any age, baby to adult
  • A need to restore or build vitality
  • A need to optimize elimination
  • In a current state of recovery from physical or emotional trauma, or period of high stress
  • A need for harmonizing mental and physical development of the entire body. 

There is so much more to learn about blackthorn Gemmotherapy extract, so be sure to listen to this 15-minute podcast. You will discover the primary and secondary actions of blackthorn Gemmotherapy extract, and so much more, from the perspectives of an Herbalist, a Gemmotherapist and an Acupuncturist. 

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