Happy Healthy Babies X: A How to Guide

Why is having a happy healthy baby so important? It turns out that the first 36 months of life are the most significant when it comes to building our lifelong immunity.

A baby with any of the simple symptoms discussed in this series such as Colic, Croup, Eczema, Sinus Congestion, Reflux, or Slow Elimination who receives natural support will be the one to develop a strong healthy immune system. On the other hand, those babies who have had their symptoms suppressed by medications will forever struggle with weakened immunity.

Fortunately, science is revealing more each day about immunity, the creation of our microbiome, and what can be done to restore it. Through science we know that everything in those first years count and the impact of parental decisions follow a child through their lifetime. By being an informed parent, disruption to our child’s microbiome and developing immune system can be prevented or greatly reduced.

Conscientious Choices

I like to do my part to support new parents in making conscientious choices and to realize there are options that not only work, but strengthen the organ systems of growing babies. With this awareness we can reduce the chronic symptoms that are rampant in school age children today. The use of allergy medications, nebulizers/asthma inhalers, topical steroid creams, anti-acids, melatonin, and so much more has become the norm among young children.

Let’s be clear: The prescribing of symptom suppressing medications is symptom management, not healing. Not only is this management of symptoms a short sighted approach, it sets children up for immune issues and chronic disease as adults. In other words, the care that is most accessible and commonly prescribed or purchased is damaging our children.

The origin of the chronic symptoms observed in school children all began in their infancy and can all be traced back to poor elimination. When the body cannot clean as it is designed to, it begins to compensate by using emergency exits which then becomes the norm. This poor elimination can be seen as sinus congestion, a chronic cough, a bit of eczema that comes and goes, repeated upper respiratory or ear infections, sleep disturbances, cold or canker sores, and so on. While the steps to support a school age child to heal these symptoms may be more involved, solving it in babies is simple and straightforward. Parents just need to be aware and select safe tools.

A Parent’s Guide

Here is what I’d like every parent of babies to do:
•Know that how you handle even the most minor symptom does matter.

•Always treat acute symptoms naturally first.

•Use a natural health care provider who helps uncover the root of recurring symptoms.

•Keep babies and children away from all products made from milk (from cows, goats and sheep).

•When breastfeeding is not an option make smart choices that are dairy-free and support your baby’s digestive system daily with probiotics and Gemmotherapy.

•Say no to Tylenol, antibiotics, over the counter medications, and creams that suppress symptoms.

•Say yes to breastfeeding for as long as possible, offer fresh fruits and vegetables when you begin supplementing, and use Gemmotherapy extracts to support a maturing digestive system.

•When Gemmotherapy and diet does not resolve your baby’s symptoms, look to Homeopathy. To learn more about Homeopathy order this book from Dr. Tim Dooley and visit the website for the National Center for Homeopathy.

So parents, there are options! I would love to support your journey to raise the next stronger healthier generation of children.

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Building Immunity in Babies and Young Children

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