Marianne’s Health Journey

Marianne So this story is certainly a personal one but I am so proud I really can’t keep from sharing!

At 82, and soon to be 83, my mother-in-law, Marianne, continues to make changes to improve her health. This is a woman who exercises daily and has been vegetarian for over 30 years. Three and a half years ago, our own household’s new dairy free lifestyle certainly got her attention and together we discussed the hows and whys over the course of each international visit. While not ever a milk drinker, she was known to enjoy a daily serving of fresh yogurt, a wedge or two of good cheese, and certainly wouldn’t pass up whipped cream on a slice of kuchen when out with her girlfriends. But this past November, having spent a month at our house dairy free and seeing a notable difference in her rosacea, she made a commitment to herself to maintain this when she returned to Germany. Now, a month and a half later, she is going strong AND even made it through all of the holiday season going against the flow in her social circle, which is no small task in her generation.

So, what’s the takeaway from this story? Well, I hope it is that you are never too old to make changes for good and that you can always be one step further in your pursuit of health. Here is Marianne, nearly 83 years old, saying: You know what? I do feel great AND I’d like that to continue that for the rest of my days! Here’s to you Marianne, keep going strong. You are one amazing role model for us all!
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