Your Home Guide to Gemmotherapy VII: Urinary Tract Infection

February 23, 2016

Oh, the plague of a Urinary Tract Infection! You seem to be feeling at the top of the world one moment and then suddenly you sense that uncomfortable pressure, pain upon urination, and an achy feeling overall. It can be just misery. So is it really off to the urgent care clinic for an antibiotic prescription? Or is there another way to stop this inflammation in its tracks?

Urinary Tract Infection

There IS another option, and better one in fact, if you happen to be savvy enough to catch your symptoms before they have you doubled over in pain with a raging fever. Being in tune with your body and its early warning signs is the key to being able to engage your own immune resources and one of the core principles of my practice.

If you happen to have caught your symptoms in the early stage, there are two Gemmotherapy extracts that will bring symptomatic relief, clear the inflammation, and support healthy elimination of the acidic waste: Black Currant and Lingonberry. In the case of any inflammation/ infection, the first action you need from a protocol is adrenal support for a strong immune response and the stamina to go the distance. Black Currant is THE Gemmotherapy extract that provides exactly this in countless acute conditions from fevers to seasonal allergies. The next action needed in the case of UTI’s is the support of healthy elimination of the inflammation of acidic waste, Lingonberry provides the answer by cleaning and restoring both healthy bowel and urinary function.

Take these two Gemmotherapy extracts separately in an alternating fashion, beginning with Black Currant the first hour and Lingonberry the following hour. This pattern should continue for a 24 hour period and then, if improved, the frequency can be reduced. If, however, the condition worsens at any time or does not improve seek the advice of your health care practitioner as soon as possible.

This diagram will explain further the specific action of the Gemotherapy protocol for early symptoms of a UTI.

Urinary Tract Infection

Avoiding the side effects of antibiotics is not the only benefit of using Gemmotherpay protocols for acute symptoms. Gemmotherapy is the only medicine today that simultaneously cleans, feeds, and fortifies the organ tissue leaving it cleaner and stronger than before the symptoms appeared. While traditional herbal remedies can relieve the symptoms,they do not possess the meristem plant tissue that makes Gemmotherapy and its capabilities unique.

Do keep in mind that UTI’s are not generally a “one off”, especially in women (of all ages), and the underlying chronic condition needs to be addressed at the cause. If you or someone you know has experienced reoccurring UTI’s, then this blog post on opening and optimizing elimination may be of interest.

Speaking of elimination, my favorite topic, next week’s post will discuss another acute condition, Ear Aches and Infections, which are also a result of poor elimination. This applies to babies and adults so be sure to check back in for the full story.

Have you personally had any experience with this protocol? We’d love to hear from you! Send us your story.

Are you a practitioner and would like to learn more about using Gemmotherapy with your clients? Take a look at my series of online training modules, including the latest one on Acute Care. Or perhaps you might also want to join me in Boston this week for my next live teaching seminars, February 27, 2016 or in Pittsburgh on March 26, 2016. It’s my 2016 mission to see that there are more of us out there trained to use effective and affordable therapies. If you have any questions, contact me. I’d love to help out!


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