A Different Approach To Managing Your Health

March 28, 2017

mother and daughter

I have a question for you as you begin this new year:


Who will manage your health?


I hope my clients out there will answer that they are the managers of their health.


And why is that?


There isn’t anyone who knows more about your symptoms than you do and to stay on top of your game you are going to have to take charge. You don’t have to have all of the answers but you certainly need a daily awareness of how your body functions.


You are the one

You will be the first to observe changes in your body from the very subtle to the dramatic. You are the only one who can have control over what you put in your mouth for nourishment each and every meal. Only you decide whether you make exercise a priority.


While your practitioner can provide a protocol, taking charge of your health requires not only your participation but your taking the lead.  It requires observing physical changes, eating responsibly, and some form of daily movement.


As an adult, you are in the position to make significant choices in your health that directly impact your quality of life and lifespan. You get to choose whether we want to approach aging from the perspective of your recliner or like one of the 80+ year old die-hards I meet each morning at Barton Springs Pool.


I’ve made my decision. And this start of a new year is the perfect opportunity for you to be clear of yours and the implications of your choice.


Once you sign on to take charge of your health, the next question is what type model we’d like to support our health.


Dis-ease Fighting Model

There is the healthcare model attached to our insurance programs that is disease focused. Whether it be heart disease, cancer, MS, or a simple ear infection, the system is built around the fight. The motto of this healthcare model is to “fight dis-ease” and this is done by suppressing and controlling the symptoms your body produces.


This fight is clearly portrayed in medications that are given upon the early signs of disease. We see this with prescriptions for lowering blood pressure, reducing urinary discomfort, correcting erectile dysfunction, etc. Or, in the case of cancer, the use of chemotherapy, radiation, and medications that suppress the body’s natural responses.


In this model it is common practice for organs and body parts to be removed when they are viewed as dis-eased. “Check-ups” that look for the known first signs of these diseases are the norm. At check-up appointments, blood pressure is measured, blood and urine labs are reviewed, and the metrics discovered tell the physician what type and how much medication is needed.


This model for healthcare has expanded and thrived for more than a half century. It is expensive and it is also the primary choice of the majority of Americans. In fact, there is considerable political debate over how to sustain it.


In my practice I see the results of the“care” provided by this system and they can be both heartbreaking and preventable.


Dis-ease Prevention Model


There is an alternative model I’d like to offer up in opposition. This model works with the body’s own built in systems to clean and self heal. The motto of this model is “dis-ease prevention” and that occurs by resolving rather than fighting symptoms.


This model, however, requires active awareness and participation. It depends on you to learn and take note of the early signs and symptoms that appear when your cleaning and healing systems are out of alignment or not functioning effectively.


Learning these signs and symptoms doesn’t take a medical degree, but rather awareness and some time with a good teacher. They will indicate distress in the body well before any lab test, providing time for natural correction with diet, exercise, and plant based therapies. This model of “dis- ease prevention” healthcare can be provided by practitioners who work with a variety of modalities.


Important to note however is whether or not you have been put in the driver’s seat. These questions should serve as your guide.


Is the tracking of signs and symptoms relegated to laboratory tests or are you the one watching for the subtle changes in your body?


Have you been made aware of what the indications are that your health is improving?


This is critical. If you don’t know what you are watching for and your health is only measured by lab results, then this isn’t the model that I am proposing.



Here’s what I offer


In order to restore the body’s natural ability to clean and heal, my clients first observe their symptoms of elimination associated with the urinary tract and bowels, around the clock. It doesn’t take much to learn whether your body is cleaning optimally or not.


I also take note of vitality symptoms of the eyes, hair, teeth, skin, and sleep. Vitality must be raised in order to restore the body’s own healing capabilities. Protocols that pair a plant based diet and Gemmotherapy extracts make a dynamic team as they work together to restore an alkaline state, optimize elimination, and boost the function of the immune system for healing.


What’s beautiful about this is that if you are not yet experiencing chronic disease, then the decision is all yours.


I can’t repeat enough that you are the one who gets to decide how you’d like to manage your health. You get to decide whether you want to be proactive or reactive; whether you want a model that simply fights dis-ease or prevents it by cleaning and healing. If you decide to choose the latter, I’d love to talk further as it happens to be not only my personal choice, but also the work I do each and every day.


Is it too late to change models if you have a current diagnosis of a chronic dis-ease? Absolutely not! You just need to keep in mind the changes you make may need to be more dramatic, particularly when it comes to diet. Restoring organs that have deteriorated is possible, it just takes time and commitment and practitioners in both models that are willing to support your journey towards a more natural solution.




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