Fall 2018 Schedule

Back in April I shared the exciting news of our planned Family move. As with so much in life there is “the plan” and then how it actually unfolds is an entirely different other story. So while the “other story” of our family move is taking shape I can in fact share with you my summer schedule. Where I will be, when, and how I will continue to offer care is very clear! See below for the details whether you are a client of mine, a customer of our Vital Extract store, or both.

Thank you for your continued patience as we discover this new chapter in our life.

Client Services

Now - June 22 Remote Appointments via Zoom, Acute Appointments via phone Tue/Wed/Thur 11am-5pm CST.

June 26 - July 26 Remote Appointments and Acute Appointments via Zoom Tue/Wed/Thur 7 am- 12 noon CST. I”ll be teaching and working from the Midi Pyrenees, France.

July 27 - August 24 No Appointments, Acute Online Submissions Only, Hubele Family Holiday in Germany.

August 27 Remote Appointments via Zoom, Acute Appointments via phone resume 11 am - 5 pm CST.

Vital Extract Store

June 15 - Final Day for Local Pick-up of products at 511 East Mary Street.

All Summer- Online orders filled and shipped Monday-Friday


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