Benefits Of A Foam Roller

January 24, 2017

foam roller

In the process of restoring optimal elimination and resolving chronic symptoms I often see that clients tend to develop acute inflammation in areas traditionally held tight, particularly the hips. Diet and a daily Gemmotherapy protocol certainly help move this inflammation along, but there is more that can be done. In a perfect world I would recommend all my clients have acupuncture and massage, however, I know that doesn’t necessarily fit in everyone’s schedule and/or budget. So what’s an alternative? This is where I suggest a foam roller and creating a short routine to do 1-2 times daily that will assist your body’s moving of that inflammation along.

foam roller

Foam rolling became popular a few years back among runners and athletes looking for a way to work with the tightness experienced from over exercise. While that is one use case, foam rollers are even more important for those who spend hours at a desk or who lead a more sedentary lifestyle. This video takes you through a series of exercises for each major body area that could benefit from foam rolling and gives you a good overview of the method needed. I suggest watching it, deciding what areas you specifically need to address, and creating a program for yourself.

Thanks to a recommendation from my daughter, I happen to own this one from Trigger Point of Austin and love it. It is a great size, light weight yet durable, and is compact enough you can take along when traveling. The only other piece of equipment that might be useful is a yoga mat but it certainly is not required. So, how about it? Foam rolling may just be what you need to integrate into your daily self care.


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