Gemmotherapy Answers: The Brain and Lymphatic System Connection

There has been some very exciting news in the science world this past month regarding the brain and lymphatic system. This is huge for health practitioners such as myself who practice a holistic methodology based on supporting the body’s natural ability to clean and heal itself. The new discovery of a tangible, proven connection between the body’s primary cleaning system and the brain takes these natural methodologies to the next level.

The brain and lymphatic system connection

Over the past few years there has been a steady flow of discoveries regarding the relationship between the gut and the brain, understanding the impact of gut flora on how the brain functions, and how this all impacts chronic symptoms. Now we know there is actually direct communication between the brain, through the lymphatic system, to digestive organs and finally the body’s organs of elimination. These new findings put a completely new spin on preventing and healing many life altering chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, and so much more.

Very cool science, but what does this mean for you? Well, it means your lymphatic system is much more important than you realized and it certainly needs more care and support than most people have provided up to this point. It also means that chronic symptoms experienced in the head are really connected to imbalances in the rest of your body.

It’s quite a challenge for many of my clients to understand what sinusitis has to do with their diet and gut or why migraines are related to weak kidneys. This new discovery proves it really is all connected! To use a simple analogy, this is why a closure of I35 in Austin could affect traffic flow in San Marcos and Dallas. When the cities are connected by the same highway there are going to be some corollary effects. While your body is a series of complex highways, the one pathway for cleaning out garbage is your lymphatic system, and if it is not functioning at any point along the way there are going to be symptoms from the deposits of waste fluids. Some basics regarding the lymphatic system’s cleaning process can be found on my blog article, Lymphatic System 101.

At about the same time I also wrote a post about the cisterns in your head that are like mini-septic tanks. Over your lifetime they fill up and keep your head in a state of acidosis. Chronic sinusitis, tinnitus or ear problems of any kind, premature graying of hair, thinning of hair, balding, headaches, migraines and tics are just some of the possible negative effects of this state. These are not symptoms to ignore—they are signs your cisterns are full and need cleaning!

In my experience I honestly don’t know anything that cleans and fortifies the lymphatic system to the same degree as a plant-based alkalizing diet and Gemmotherapy. In fact, there are more Gemmotherapy extracts for lymphatic cleansing than any other organ system. There are even Gemmotherapy extracts for cleaning the lymphatic system in specific parts of the body beginning with the head!

With this new knowledge, it’s easy to imagine what the impact over a lifetime of acidosis of the head may lead to. It seems just a matter of time until clear links will be made to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. These findings are very likely to rally pharmaceutical companies to make new drugs, but you have another option. You can use this information along with what you already know about a whole food, plant-based diet that is affirmed by a growing number of mainstream physicians such as Mark HymanThomas CampbellJoel Furman Neal Barnard. Start supporting your lymphatic system now knowing you are truly cleaning your body from head to toe—or better yet, from brain to bowel!

Next week I will return to where I left off before my travels to Europe on the topic of infertility. I will share the story of a young woman’s experience of coming off a hormonal birth control method she used since her teens in order to suppress her extreme menstrual symptoms. You will see how—together with dietary changes, Homeopathy and Gemmotherapy—we rebalanced her elimination systems and healed those painful weeks she lived with each month.