Gemmotherapy Answers: Concerns Over Supplement Safety

March 13, 2015

Last week I discussed the good and not so good points of using the different avenues available to treat acute conditions. I laid out the facts regarding the use of antibiotics, over the counter medications, supplements, and Gemmotherapy & Homeopathy to help you make wise choices for yourself and your family.

Since February’s breaking reports on the incredible unreliability of ingredients in herbal and vitamin supplements every major new source has covered the topic. The question is, has this changed anyone’s practice of taking supplements and should it?

The supplement market in the US began as a backlash to the growing use of pharmaceutical drugs in treating chronic conditions. They are readily prescribed by naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and nutritionists as well as doctors of functional medicine. In simple language these practitioners prescribe supplements to augment what the body is not or will not produce in order to relieve chronic symptoms, most often with a good level of success.

We recently have learned however that many supplement sources are not only fraudulent but also unsafe. So what does that mean for those taking these on a daily basis?


While you may have had a suspicion that not all supplements are created equal, the impact of this is much greater than you might realize on the surface. Here’s why:

  1. If your supplement is substandard you are missing valuable healing time for your condition by not getting what you need.
  2. You may be spending large sums of money on nothing, or worse than that, harmful substances.

I believe we need to rethink the use of supplements and consider Gemmotherapy as a viable option. One aspect that may make Gemmotherapy more interesting to you is the fact that the production process is completely supervised and regulated by the European Union. There is only one way to make a product that bears the label “Gemmotherapy’ and that process must be followed explicitly each time. Each bottle must contain a regulated amount of extract from the specific plant and that amount is tested routinely with each batch produced. Every shipment of Gemmotherapy we receive from our producer is accompanied by individual certificates of quality and declaration of conformity to EU standards. In addition, once the shipment arrives in the US it is subject to a full inspection by the US Department of Agriculture and the FDA before delivery to my practice.

These controls and standards help make Gemmotherapy a responsible and safe alternative.

In addition to the safety, at last year’s Gemmotherapy Research Conference I learned about a greater advantage. Far different from supplements, Gemmotherapy extracts have the power to, on a cellular level, clean and heal which is something no other natural medicine can yet achieve. When, through the use of Gemmotherapy, an organ has been cleaned, healed, and restored to its normal function it will either produce on its own or absorb from healthy food sources, what is needed by the body in the exact proportions. This is something a supplement can never do.

There are two actions I’d like you to take after considering this article.

  1. Reassess the source of supplements in your home and look them up on
  2. Reevaluate what supplements you are taking and for what reasons. Discuss gemmotherapy options with your health practitioner.

Next week I will revisit the topic of chronic conditions and how they often begin as easy-to-ignore recurring symptoms early in life.


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