Lauren’s Kitchen: A St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie 

You may have other plans for your St. Patrick’s Day evening consumption but make some room for this green smoothie in your mid morning and morning after for sure. While I recommend starting each day with a purely fruit smoothie or juice on an empty stomach the addition of a green smoothie mid-morning or mid-afternoon is the next step to boost your brain power and continue the lymphatic cleaning process. Let St. Paddy’s Day serve as the perfect entry point for adding another dose of green into your daily nourishment.

With the hope that this gets you hooked, here’s an infographic that lays out all of the key components for making personalized green smoothies to suit what you have on hand or what strikes your fancy.

Prepping ahead always helps up keep our healthy eating commitments. Here’s a great tip to gain momentum—prepping pre-proportioned smoothie bags for the week ahead.

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