Menstrual Symptoms: What’s Normal?

I’d like to challenge some ideas you may have about “normal” menstrual symptoms—whether you are 15 or 45. One of the first things I discuss with my female patients is the character of their menstrual cycle, paying close attention to listen for these signs:

  • Brown bleeding at the start or end of menses
  • Clotting
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Pain that keeps you from your normal activities
  • Bleeding that starts and then stops
  • Mid-cycle bleeding
  • Cycles that are shorter than 28 days or longer than 32

Each of these symptoms signifies a deficiency in the bowels or kidneys, adrenal fatigue, or decreased pituitary function.

Each of these symptoms can cause harm greater than just the discomfort you may be experiencing.

All of these symptoms and their root cause can be addressed with gemmotherapy and homeopathy protocols.


Most of these symptoms are seen in the mainstream medical community as within the norm, but because I am fortunate to treat women of all ages in my practice, I have come to recognize that these signs and symptoms, when left untreated, can lead to serious conditions later in life. I believe in supporting the body so that it can clean, heal and harmonize rather than treating diagnosed disease, so I am all for catching the first signs of an imbalance. With this approach we can practice true preventative medicine rather than passive disease care.

As women, we are designed to have three methods to clean and eliminate for a reason and we need to optimize all three to do their job so that our body stays in harmony. What does harmony look like?

  1. All systems working their fair share to clean the body.
  2. The immune response is rapid and strong.
  3. Bodies are free of inflammation.

The subject of elimination comes up frequently here and menstruation is just that, a method of elimination the body uses to remove waste and prevent inflammation. Like our other two means of elimination, bowels and kidneys, when it is not functioning optimally we need to take note. If you have some of these symptoms or a weakness with one of your elimination systems, you will be putting undue stress on the others. You may already begin to see the connection in yourself.

When it comes to menstrual issues, especially those in young women, I take quite a strong proactive stance for these reasons.

  1. I don’t want anyone to suffer with symptoms that can be treated.
  2. Small changes early on can prevent so many further issues later in life, including but not limited to: infertility, endometriosisis and its complications, fibroids, cancers of the reproductive organs and autoimmune diseases.
  3. I firmly believe that holistically supporting women’s health from an early age impacts the health of generations to come.

Please share this article with women you know of all stages in life. I will be writing more each Friday about the root of these symptoms and sharing case stories of how gemmotherapy and homeopathic protocols made a difference.

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