Midweek Pause—Consider

November 12, 2014


Photo © Margaret Adie

“Before you speak, stop, breathe, and consider if what you are about to say will improve upon the silence.”
Allan Lokos, Meditation Instructor, Author

Consider: A time you may have spoken to soon. Possibly you can remember a time this week already when you interjected your thoughts before hearing someone out or blurted your opinion without considering the source of your message. There is nothing but benefit from pausing and considering what is driving your urgency to speak. Is it fear? Is it resentment? This week let’s practice placing our awareness on these impulsive statements—whether we apply it at the workplace, with our children or our partners.

Prepare: Bring to mind a recent experience when you may have spoken out too soon without mindfully considering your response. Imagine now this same circumstance while taking a few cleansing breaths and closing your eyes. Surrender to the stillness deep within and try to touch the source of your statements. Could your comments have been driven by fear? What might you have said if you spoke from a place of love?

Do: Let’s use our day to day life as practice and the next time you are faced with this urgent desire, pause and take five thoughtful breaths and acknowledge the source of what you intend to share.


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