There’s A Better Way IV: Flu Virus

September 20, 2016

Think the flu season is still a long way off? Think again. With the changeable weather pattern we’ve experienced across the nation, I’m predicting an early season and have seen a case or two already in my practice.


In this fourth post in my current series I’m taking a look at how to respond to the acute symptoms of a flu or virus naturally and discussing why that is truly a better option. If you are just joining in and have missed the first few weeks you may want to catch up by reading the dangers behind suppressing symptoms, what to have on hand to be prepared for the coming allergy, cold, and flu season, and last week’s post on resolving seasonal allergy symptoms.

There is no doubt the flu isn’t fun, especially when it drags on for weeks with your energy slow to return. Imagine, however, that this doesn’t always have to be the case. Understanding the why behind your symptoms and making a few changes in your approach will make all the difference in the world.

The Root of the Problem
I’d like to challenge your belief system when it comes to “catching” a flu or virus. Our everyday world is full of opportunities to “catch” something. If we caught something only because we were exposed, we would be sick 24/7. Here is why we “catch” something and how the body uses it as an opportunity to clean:

  • The body is a self cleaning and self healing organism.
  • When the body cannot clean optimally over time through our primary organs of elimination it looks for opportunities to clean through the emergency exits- skin, sinuses, mouth, ears, and or vagina in women creating inflammatory states.
  • This process weakens the immune system as it must be in continual response to the inflammation present.
  • A flu or virus becomes an opportunity for the body to flush out what has built up over time as from the primary organs of elimination and a weakened immune system. This flushing out can occur as diarrhea, vomiting, sinus congestion, or bronchial congestion all releases of the buildup.

The truth is- We are most susceptible to viral and bacterial inflammations when our body needs to clean. All of our bodies need this seasonally in late fall and spring at times of transitions for nature. So suppressing the body’s natural means to clean what has already built up is a move in a dangerous direction. Every act of suppression is returning that inflammation right back to the organs that are trying to clean and adding to your whole inflammatory load. This suppression can look like antibiotics, nasal spray for congestion, Mucinex for cough, or Imodium for diarrhea. It is all equally problematic. The inflammatory load that is increased is what leads to chronic symptoms and chronic disease.


The Plan

So what’s my natural plan? Instead of suppressing, we must support the organs affected and the immune response so the body can resolve the inflammation.

Here are the steps to follow at the first sign of acute flu or virus symptoms:

  1. Immediately reduce the energy spent on digestion and inflammatory load by nourishing your body only with alkalizing fresh juices, coconut water, teas, and broth or miso soup.
  2. The first 24 hours are the most critical as your immune system is called into duty. Give your body the energy it needs in the moment.  Taking off work three days from now is of no use.
  3. Keep especially your kidneys warm to help with their extra load. A hot water bottle or heating pad is most helpful.
  4. Begin the Gemmotherapy flu protocol of alternating doses of Black Currant and Oak.

First 24 Hours
Take one dose every hour, alternating one dose Black Currant, the next hour Oak.

Next 48 Hours
Take one dose every two hours, still alternating one dose Black Currant, the next hour Oak.

If there is not a 50% improvement in energy after a full 48 hours of rest and care, contact your natural health care practitioner for further support to strengthen your vital force.

The Remaining Days
Continue on the alternating doses of Black Currant and Oak, one dose of each every 4 hours two days past the point of all symptoms being completely resolved


Our flu protocol of Black Currant and Oak is tried and true and is used by clients across the country. It has been adopted by many of my colleagues in their practices including my mentor Dr. Frei in Switzerland!  Gemmotherapy offers the body something no other natural therapy can- the action of cleaning, draining, and fortifying the affected organ tissue. This powerful action is due to the inclusion of the plan meristem cells in each extract.

Gemmotherapy is the youngest plant based medicine and is fascinating to study as a home user or as a practitioner. While you can find many more acute protocols in my blog you can now read them together in my newly released, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. In this first book of the series you’ll learn Gemmotherapy history, fundamentals, and find 36 proven reliable protocols for acute symptoms.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Check out this online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course or join me live this week for the start of my fall webinar series.


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