Acute Care 101:  The Three Stages of Acute Care – Continued

November 17, 2015

Last week I shared Kelly’s story and discussed the early signs of an acute illness and the first two stages of treatment. In today’s post we’ll take a look at the third stage of care for acute illness—convalescence.

Stage Three
So, Kelly followed her protocols perfectly and now three days later she is 80% better, with just a hint of a lingering cough and slightly less energy than usual. This is the sign of a strong immune system and good elimination. Those going into the same situation without such a good starting point will respond differently.

To prevent Kelly from the very common occurrence of relapsing or falling ill again in another two weeks, I will have her follow what I call a convalescence plan in this 3rd Stage. She is back to her normal routine, yet due to her weakened state I would like to give her immune system continued support.

Therapies for Stage Three

  • The Convalescence Gemmotherapy Protocol is one that I will select individually for my clients.
  • The Plant-Based Diet returns to The Hubele Method standard suggested plan keeping with the all fruit breakfast and returning to include more cooked foods at the midday if that was the normal routine. As always, keeping any animal protein consumed to the evening meal and eliminating all foods that are made with dairy products.  
  • Reduced Activity if symptoms linger. I suggest that my clients do not return to their full schedule of activities, especially strenuous workouts, which should be replaced temporarily by gentle exercise such as walking.
  • Increased Fluids as need to keep well hydrated.
  • Homeopathy if introduced in stage two may require a follow on dose in weeks to come or lead to a different constitutional remedy to treat the underlying condition.

So there you have it. Knowing what to look for and what to do is half the battle this coming season. In order to be prepared and respond appropriately those first 24 hours it may make sense to purchase a Gemmotherapy Acute Care kit from the Vital Extract store, stock up on alkalizing teas, and keep fresh lemons, ginger and honey on hand. Having the right tools always helps.

Acute Care Gemmo Kit

By the way, it is no coincidence that I, along all health practitioners, see and treat the most acute episodes of flu, sinusitis, digestive disturbances, and bronchial inflammation between Halloween and New Year’s. What we now know about the consumption of sugar, dairy products and processed foods and their immediate suppression of the immune system is powerful information. Next week I’ll share some tips for navigating the upcoming holiday spreads so you can celebrate AND stay healthy.


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