Coaching Stories: Barbara

June 13, 2019


With a heart as big as Texas, Barbara serves her clients as an Intuitive Healer, Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Licensed Acupuncturist and Emotional/Spiritual Coach. However, she shared that she was pretty desperate when reached out with interest in a coaching series several months ago. She had looked at her past few years and realized she was just not getting better.

As a practitioner, Barbara is often told how good she is at doing her job — helping others regain their health and life balance. But she had reached a point where she struggled to do the same for herself.

“I had horrible incontinence, a weak cough, lots of phlegm, no energy or drive, and I was totally exhausted. I looked at this as an opportunity to restore my vibrant health and strength so I could continue to support my patients and be fully present for my new husband.”

Here’s what Barbara shared in an interview as her coaching program came to a close:

How are you different now?

I am really close to being at the top of my game. My incontinence is limited to only a small leak with a hard cough or sneeze, my energy is better, and the cough is gone.

How do you feel about yourself given these changes?

I’ve gained real confidence that my body is not the enemy, which is an old familial belief system. I am worthy of whatever it takes to take great care of my body and to relish in it.

What are your key learnings?

I love my sessions with Lauren. I find that when I say out loud what I am thinking is going on with my body — it really makes little sense, and Lauren has a beautiful way of making me think about what is going on. Even though I work every day with my clients, clearing old, limiting thought patterns — its crazy how mine were popping up. I came into this process with Lauren with lots of old “body image” issues that I thought I’d dealt with in the past. But here they come again!!! My old patterns of being and doing really showed up. I think my biggest learning is about being gentle and loving to my body! I look at life and my body so much differently now.

Is there unfinished business that might bring you back for further coaching?

Absolutely there is. I’ve enjoyed the journey of learning more about myself, but I think the best part is having Lauren as a beautiful mirror to reflect back to me what I need to look at, to help me see what I am blinded to. Her loving manner doesn’t add more shame to the mix, but just the opposite — all the positives in the grand design.

What opportunities are now available given your new skills or perspective?

I can continue to offer my loving services to my clients and move forward with my new healing center and offerings.

How was the experience of being coached?

I joyfully look forward to my sessions with Lauren, with no fear or shame of not having performed well enough. I know she is on my side and has such a wonderful empathy about her — and she knew just what to offer me via advice, coaching, Gemmos or homeopathy. I have loved the learning experience and look forward to delving further into Gemmos for my patients. Prior to this, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t absorb the information from the classes and was just in survival mode with my move to a new home, my new marriage, move of my practice and life in general.

What advice would I share with readers considering a coaching commitment?

Don’t even hesitate! Lauren’s loving guidance is enough, her prices are easy — AND you owe it to yourself!


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