Hear from clients and practitioners who have worked with Lauren Hubele for coaching and Gemmotherapy training.

Coaching Stories: Ashley

By Lauren / January 10, 2020 /

by Ashley Dalme My name is Ashley Dalme, and I’m from Louisiana. I am married to my wonderful husband Chris, and we have two kids, Eva and Harrison. I am an art teacher, and I love my job! In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends, reading and hiking.  My…

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Coaching Stories: Frances

By Lauren / November 8, 2019 /

by Frances Lord, LPN, LMT As a massage therapist, helping others is important to me. I practice in Smyrna Beach, Florida, and I had taken Gemmotherapy classes with Lauren in the past. Recently, I chose to seek help using Gemmos for my health issues and did a coaching series with Lauren.  I had realized my…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Chris Wahl

By Lauren / October 24, 2019 /

by Chris Wahl I study Gemmotherapy because I’ve gotten great results from it! I’m a U.S. Air Force veteran and former Licensed Vocational Nurse who fell down the rabbit hole of natural health in 2004 after seeing the damage that conventional medicine can do when used unwisely. I decided to take responsibility for my family’s…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Dana Campaen

By Lauren / September 20, 2019 /

by Dana Campaen A few years ago, my homeopath doctor gave me some “drops” when I had some health problems. And it worked like a miracle. I live in Cluj-Napoca, a beautiful town in Transylvania where Gemmos are produced at a very high level. My primary healthcare training is as an M.D. I have been…

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Coaching Stories: Addie

By Lauren / September 7, 2019 /

by Addie Naquin I was initially interested in coaching to help my 1-year-old daughter with her eczema and food allergies. I quickly realized my own health struggles with severe abdominal pain and “ulcers” needed to be addressed, as well as my 4-month-old son’s reflux and constipation. I was hoping to gain true healing for my daughter,…

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Coaching Stories: Stephanie

By Lauren / August 25, 2019 /

Clients who seek my support arrive with varying degrees of self awareness and knowledge of how the body heals. They also vary in their willingness to explore new territory together. It’s always with great pleasure that I meet someone so ready and willing to explore and challenge their own beliefs. Stephanie came to my practice…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Angel Angelov

By Lauren / August 9, 2019 /

I get a lot of random inquiries from around the world about Gemmotherapy. There was something, though, about Angel’s message last December that caused me to pay special attention.  Now that I’ve had the pleasure to meet him personally, it’s clear that his motivation comes from a very special place in his heart. It will…

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Coaching Stories: Barbara

By Lauren / June 13, 2019 /

With a heart as big as Texas, Barbara serves her clients as an Intuitive Healer, Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Licensed Acupuncturist and Emotional/Spiritual Coach. However, she shared that she was pretty desperate when reached out with interest in a coaching series several months ago. She had looked at her past few years and realized she was just…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Megan

By Lauren / May 24, 2019 /

Meet Megan — mom, wife and RN — and learn why she studies Gemmotherapy. Why did you choose to study Gemmotherapy? Because it WORKS!! My son, Calum, was born stuck in fight-or-flight mode, and for three years we desperately searched to find true healing for him. Gemmotherapy was our answer, and it has transformed our…

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Coaching Stories: Suzanne Rogers

By Lauren / April 19, 2019 /

Five months ago, longtime client Suzanne Rogers was struggling with her job as a higher ed housing administrator and stuck on how to move forward. She decided to commit to a series of eight coaching sessions as a practical, action-oriented step toward getting unstuck and making changes. Since Suzanne and I had worked together for…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Dumi

By Lauren / March 24, 2019 /

In addition to my work with clients, I’m fortunate to teach courses on the holistic principles behind my method of using Gemmotherapy extracts. As the interest in finding natural ways to restore the body grows so have my classes. There was a time not so long ago that I struggled to fill a Foundations of…

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Susan’s Coaching Story

By Lauren / March 2, 2019 /

Individuals I coach each arrive with their own unique agenda which is what keeps my job interesting. Let me introduce you to Susan, a self-proclaimed PBS addict who reads tons of books and works in the natural food industry. Although Susan and I had worked together in the past to support her physical health, this…

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