Coaching Stories: Frances

November 8, 2019

Frances Cropped

by Frances Lord, LPN, LMT

As a massage therapist, helping others is important to me. I practice in Smyrna Beach, Florida, and I had taken Gemmotherapy classes with Lauren in the past. Recently, I chose to seek help using Gemmos for my health issues and did a coaching series with Lauren. 

I had realized my issues weren’t getting better from my efforts to resolve them myself. My shoulder and arm pain, along with my tremors of the right foot and hand, were keeping me from working. I was anticipating Gemmotherapy could prove to be helpful.

Now, I can go to sleep without tremors. I also have more control of the tremors and pain. My anxiety level was also an issue, and that is somewhat resolved. I feel better about myself and don’t feel so tired. I learned that support is very necessary to one’s healing process. Following protocols as directed becomes important. Taking charge of your life is necessary. I still need direction at this point and will be following up with next steps to complete the healing process,  

Coaching sessions allowed me to tell about myself without having feelings of fear come up. Previously, I was taught to keep any problems to myself, so there wasn’t anyone to confide in.  I can also see a more balanced approach to health that I can share with others. Stay the course, you might say. I have counseled others and better understand the direction they need to go. It’s like putting pieces together to find the whole person.  

My advice to others would be to really be able to talk to a live person who is listening and helpful in the discussion. We are social beings, and much of our sharing requires that we have someone we can count on. I was taught to only trust myself, but we need to trust others also. That takes courage. When we lose that courage, we lose ourselves and that connection to life. Stay connected.


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