Gemmo Memo: Silver Birch

February 1, 2020


Betula verrucosa, Silver Birch tree, is the one species in which the seeds, sap and bud are each made into Gemmotherapy extracts. Each one of these extracts offer a very specific tonifying action, and all three have an impact on the kidneys.  

Let’s begin with the Bud. 

The primary action of the extract made from the Bud of Silver Birch is as a tonic on the immune system and respiratory system. 

The extract has an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa in the respiratory system in the case of flu and colds and increases resistance, and it inhibits the production of histamines throughout the body, but mostly in the lungs, digestive system and skin.

The secondary action is as a kidney tonic with a mild diuretic effect, yet certainly not as strong as Silver Birch Sap. 

It improves the elimination of toxins on a cellular level, particularly uric acid. 

It does not increase the volume of urine as much as the concentration of waste products in the urine. 

The indirect effect of these actions cause a reactivation of metabolism which has slowed due to insufficient elimination of waste products 

Who might consider Birch Buds:

Children over 6 years through adults to 30 years of age with moderate vitality to optimize elimination and provide general drainage and detoxification along with other organ-specific extracts. 

They will also have signs of slowed metabolism, often seen as mild weight gain, sluggishness and/or some localized inflammation that continues to hang around. 

These are not individuals with deteriorating or dis-eased organs, but rather a general slowing of functionality.  

Those over 30 would look to Common Birch for similar purposes. 

The Sap

The Sap of the Silver Birch tree, which is diluted and processed as a Gemmo extract, has its tonic action on the kidney as a diuretic. This is its primary action. 

It supports the removal of lipids, toxins and minerals that are present in unhealthy levels. 

The indirect action, much like the Buds, is the improvement of metabolism because waste products are more effectively eliminated. This is a secondary effect.

The person who would benefit from Silver Birch Sap may be any age from infants to mature adults, have any level of vitality but will be able to tolerate the strong diuretic effect of the Sap. Specific symptoms indicating the usefulness of this extract would include:

  • All with skin conditions, particularly eczema – there is no better first extract for eczema
  • All with chronic dryness of skin and hair
  • Any adult with a build-up of lipids exhibiting as cellulitis
  • In the spring as cleaning for a maximum of three months 

The Seeds

To begin, I want to emphasize the fact that we are only micro-dosing Silver Birch Seed at this time: 1 to 3 drops.  

So, all of the information is based on a micro-dose given early in the day, as the stimulating effect can cause sleep disturbances if taken later in the day.

Its primary action is as a tonic on the Central Nervous System and adaptogen for mental stress, focus and memory. 

It is also a strong protector of dopamine. Dopamine plays a central role in pleasurable reward behavior, inhibition of prolactin production (involved in lactation), sleep, mood, attention, learning, behavior, control of nausea and vomiting, pain processing, controlling movement, emotion and cognition.

The protection of dopamine leads to secondary support for the kidneys and adrenals.

Who might consider Silver Birch Seed:

Anyone who has symptoms that originate in the Central Nervous System.

I use Silver Birch Seed as a first extract in highly complex cases to jump-start communication between organ systems. 

I also use it to:

  • Improve focus and concentration in students and elderly (only in children over 6 years of age) 
  • Improve mood and motivation in those with mental and physical lethargy
  • Reduce or resolve mild tremors


There is so much more to learn about the Silver Birch extracts, so be sure to listen to this podcast. You will discover the primary and secondary actions of the Gemmotherapy extracts made from the bud, sap and seed, and so much more from the perspectives of an Herbalist, a Gemmotherapist and an Acupuncturist. 

Consider subscribing now to my Restoring Immunity podcast on Spotify or ApplePodcast/iTunes and you won’t miss an episode of Gemmo Memos. Or, if you prefer to watch videos, subscribe here to my YouTube channel.  

You can find Silver Birch Buds, Sap and Seed, as well as other single extracts, for purchase on my Immunity Store


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