Making Acute Care Choices for Your Child’s Long-term Health

Last week I presented for you the various options available to choose from when experiencing acute symptoms. Whether the choice is antibiotics, over the counter medications, supplements or homeopathy & gemmotherapy there are clear upsides and challenges in the short term. Today I want to address their long term impact. When taking this view, the better choice becomes evident.

Healthy Elimination is the Key to Self Healing
The underlying premise behind the use of all natural medicines is that when the body can clean itself it will heal itself. The attention here needs to be directed at the body’s ability to clean itself. If elimination is in any way compromised, natural healing methods are not going to produce good results. While we may be, or should be, well aware of our own elimination patterns, many parents are not so attune with those of their children. Mostly we joyfully turn the responsibility of self-toileting over to our toddlers and soon dismiss their daily habits from our radar. I would like to create a greater awareness around these habits because they serve as a very basic barometer of health.

First Signs of Compromised Elimination
I am fortunate to have many new moms and new babies in my practice these days who know the importance of good early digestion and elimination and ask for help whether it be for colic, acid reflux, or constipation. This is wonderful because they are catching early in life the very first signs and they are treating their young babies with gemmotherapy in teeny tiny doses. Gemmotherapy is unique among natural medicines in that it has been proven to heal and feed cells. Using it early on will actually heal and fortify the tissues of those maturing organs—preventing the body from needing to compensate later on.

Because of gemmotherapy’s dual action, the use of it early in life not only addresses the current symptom but offers long term benefit to the affected organs. If these moms had chosen any of the available over the counter medications or prescription medications their baby’s symptoms may have improved, but the underlying condition would not have been resolved.

Next Signs
By treating the very first signs as they did I feel certain these moms will see fewer common childhood issues such as ear infections, sinus conditions, eczema, and sleep disturbances develop in their young children. If they do, they already know how to handle it because they know these symptoms are related to an underlying elimination issue that needs to be addressed. The ears, sinuses, and skin are all secondary ways, or emergency exits, for the body to clean itself when the bowels and kidneys are not eliminating at full capacity. Supporting the organs with gemmotherapy now at this critical stage when these vital organs are maturing and developing will prevent even further conditions that can become chronic. Had recurring ear infections, sinus congestions and excema been treated with antibiotics, antihistamines or topical creams the underlying condition not only would have been ignored, but an opportunity to heal early on would have been missed.

It’s Never too Late
So what happens if you missed this opportunity with your babies and young children? The good news is that it’s never too late. The body does not lose its ability to heal. The work, however, takes a bit more patience as it becomes a matter of cleaning out accumulated inflammation at a rate that the elimination organs can handle. Not adding to the inflammation is also essential, which means eliminating dairy and sometimes gluten for many. See the graphic below that depicts the increasing effect of not addressing elimination at an early age. You can see here the remarkable difference in handling elimination issues in the early years vs. later in life.


I say, “Well done!” to all the gemmotherapy-using mamas out there!