Midweek Pause: Reality

March 18, 2015

© Margaret Adie

“We get quiet for a moment in meditation. We sink down to a relaxedness, a calmness, abruptly free from all the crazy dreams we confuse with reality. And in that instant, by mistake maybe, or because we aren’t thinking to stop it from happening—we experience, in a flash, things as they really are.”

— William R. Stimson, “My Brief Career Composing Spanish Music

CONSIDER: How much of the day pass through accepting our perception of reality rather than actually experiencing it. Our racing mind is what does that and we are mostly unaware. It is only when we stop, breathe and quiet ourselves that we can begin to see things as they are rather than how we wish they were or the way we want them to be.

DO: Give yourself the permission to fall into a relaxed state upon waking each morning this week. Close your eyes, begin with three cleansing breaths, and take in the reality of that moment. Let your senses drink in the sounds, the smells, and the rise and fall of your breath.


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