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A Crash Course in Gemmotherapy

What are Gemmotherapy extracts? The term “Gemmotherapy” originated from the “gem” or bud of the plant that is macerated to create the concentrated extract. It is these first buds or shoots that develop in the Spring that contain the most powerful growth material (like stem cells). This growth material in plants is called meristem cells.…

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Acute Care 101: Your Acute Care Supply List

Over the past few weeks I have written a series of posts describing how to successfully support the body’s ability to heal from acute illness. I have shared the early warning signs to watch for, the support you need the first 24-48 hours and the value of providing continued care as you attempt to return to full gear. In today’s post…

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Acute Care 101: Three Stages of Acute Care

Last week I shared with you a story about Kelsey and how her acute symptoms appeared over the course of twenty four hours. The first symptoms, mental and emotional, were very subtle and are generally misinterpreted or go unnoticed by most. Her physical symptoms appeared within the next twenty four hours. This information is particularly…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Stop the Symptom Suppression

Last month I began a series of posts regarding the connection between menstrual symptoms, birth control and infertility. The last post I shared was about a young lady in her teens that sought me out for help with long, painful periods followed by days of discharge. I shared how these symptoms were actually signs of a deeper imbalance…

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