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August 3, 2019

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“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”

– Paulo Coelho

We are all on a journey, and each day presents unique opportunities for growth. Some journeys move you physically to distant lands. Some move you mentally through ideas, thoughts and emotions. And some journeys allow for both. Each journey, from the mundane to the awe-inspiring, offers unique opportunities for growth. And the trick is, those gifts may only be offered once. So let me share these two simple tips to reap all that is offered: remain present and remain open, and you will surely receive what is meant for you.

I have been on a two-month journey that has carried me to distant lands beyond what I could have imagined for myself — as well as familiar places.  My journey has opened my mind to many thoughts, ideas and new perspectives. Some benefits have already begun to materialize, like new branches on the tree representing my work. Others have arrived in the form of seeds that may or may not develop with nurturing and time. 

Here’s what has materialized over my two months in Europe:


  1. Partnerships
    A totally unexpected and organic development is the creation of partnerships with two of my European students. While still in the early stages, there is a clear commitment to preparing recordings of the ten Foundations of Gemmotherapy modules in both Russian and French languages! While this will be a huge endeavor, it is a giant step forward to share my systematic approach to restoring immunity. I am thrilled and so grateful to Brigitte and Lena, who will make this possible. Once we have a model established, it will be quite easy to set up further partnerships where there is interest.
  2. Gemmo Moms Cluj-Napoca
    Another branch developed quite organically with the help of Dr. Dana Campean and Coach Dumitrita Margineanu. The first Romanian Gemmo Moms group met during my stay in Cluj, and we filled the room with curious moms brimming with questions about their children. It was remarkable to be present for this inaugural meeting, and I can’t wait to see how it grows and inspires future groups.
  3. A Publication Date
    My third book, Restoring Your Immunity,  is now set for official publication in French by the  Piktos Publishing group for February 2020. For you English speakers, please note my agent is actively searching for an English language publishing house to pick up the contract as well.
  4. A Fourth Book
    The start of my fourth book is official. With the brilliant support of my Romanian colleague, Dr. Neli Olah, I will create a clinical and physiological guide to the primary Gemmotherapy extracts. While this will be quite an endeavor, my plan is to have my work completed and ready for translation by May 2020.
  5. A Blind Study
     Also with the support and guidance of my Romanian colleague, Dr. Neli Olah, I have prepared a course which includes the first blind study of Gemmotherapy extracts.  This study will be a continuation of my work with micro-dosing extracts for the nervous system. The study will be one of two planned over the next twelve months and will begin in September. More information will be available later this month.
  6. A French Retreat
     The notion of hosting a retreat in Ariege has been hovering for a year now. This summer, I’ve made it so far as to identify the focus of the retreat, isolate two possible dates and finalize the venue. It’s actually been a big dream of mine, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to make this dream a reality with my international group of inspiring movers and shakers, Gemmo Moms.

Other developments — my new seeds — contain immense potential for growth, but they could also lay dormant or never sprout at all. It is no coincidence we are approaching fall, the season in which seeds are scattered, some sprouting in cool temperatures and others waiting for the warmth of spring. So, knowing which of these seed ideas will choose to germinate is something only time will tell.

Here are ideas that were born this summer:

  1. Internship Program
    I’m so excited about this idea that is showing some life this summer. It’s been hanging around for years, and I knew it was just a matter of timing. It’s too soon for details, but certainly, in the works this fall is an internship opportunity for my students ready to begin their own practices. Just the thought of this makes my heart fill with joy!
  2. Expanding My European Travels
    Now that a new frontier for my work has opened in Eastern Europe, my annual summer trip feels quite stretched. This summer’s experience has led me to consider a more sustainable way to teach in both geographic areas. It has not yet materialized, but the seed of this idea is to return to Europe twice annually, teaching during winter in the west to include Belgium and France, and during fall in the east to include Romania and Ukraine. This makes sense in this moment, so until I gain more insight I am preparing to give it a test run for 2020.
  3. Teaching Polarity Analysis Homeopathy
    This is certainly not new, but this seed won’t go away. And there is renewed interest in co-teaching Polarity Analysis with my husband, Joachim. He is responsible for building a widely circulated homeopathic software. Polarity Analysis, or PA, is the homeopathic remedy selection method developed by my mentor and our dear friend, Dr. Heiner Frei. If you are a patient of mine, you are used to the polar questions I ask about your symptoms.  Coming closer to germinating is our teaching of this method together in 2020. The challenge for us will be to harmonize our very different teaching styles. If it’s meant to be, how we manage this will open up for us.
  4. New Friends and Acquaintances
    Meeting new people, especially when you are awake and aware of the value, is like opening a present. No doubt there is a gift, a lesson, an insight or future connection to be revealed.  Which one is often not apparent on first meeting, but over time is made known. I so enjoy this experience — especially hearing people’s stories — and this summer I was not disappointed. From Belgium to Romania and Ukraine to  France, I will carry home the seeds of these contacts. I treasure hearing the dreams of so many — and what each has done to realize his or her dreams is both inspiring and motivating.

While I have been off on my journey, you too have been on your own.  Perhaps yours led you to a new geographic location or a journey within yourself. Where has your journey taken you? What have been your immediate benefits? What seeds have you been offered that may need time to germinate? The lessons from our journeys don’t need “work” to be received. They only need your attention and a bit of solitude. Can you give yourself the gift of presence? Can you remain open wide enough to receive all that you are being offered?

It’s been my pleasure to share my summer journey with you. Thanks for joining me.


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