Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Dumi

March 24, 2019


In addition to my work with clients, I’m fortunate to teach courses on the holistic principles behind my method of using Gemmotherapy extracts. As the interest in finding natural ways to restore the body grows so have my classes. There was a time not so long ago that I struggled to fill a Foundations of Gemmotherapy series once a year. Today I offer it 4-5 times a year at capacity. Thanks to technology, I’m able to hold live, interactive online classes and get to know my students personally even though they may live on the other side of the globe. This new series, Why I study Gemmotherapy, will allow me to introduce just a few of the incredible practitioners and parents who make up this growing international community of Gemmotherapy fans.

Today I’d like you to meet Dumi from Cluj Romania. Dumi is a health coach who works with new moms in her practice. She is also a mother of two naturally healthy children, a 7 ½-year-old daughter and a 3 ½-year-old son. Dumi and I met when I gave a seminar in Cluj last summer. Since then, she has been inspired to continue online training with me and is now participating in my new Gemmo Moms program. Here are some of the thoughts she shared with me about her children and her work:

“I’ve never used allopathic medication and I have healed all their childhood conditions at home. I empower moms to educate themselves, create change and experience shifts in their lifestyle [in my work].

I study Gemmotherapy because it works and it works right away! The body – be it that of a child or a grown-up, instantly and positively responds to it. We might not be aware of our innate intuitive healer, but Gemmotherapy is here to help us recall what healing from within means.

I was first attracted to Gemmotherapy because of my belief that we must “Primum non nocere“ – “First do no harm”. I think Nature thinks and acts according to this principle at every step. It has been proving that for the past 5000 years. When I first read that gemmotherapy deals with young plant tissue where stem cells are present I immediately understood that we’re taking advantage of Nature’s intelligence in one tiny bottle.

Now, given your studies, what is it that intrigues you most?
Why is it that the same extract can heal one thing in a body and the very same extract can heal another thing in another body?
How come it works holistically – mind, body, emotions spirit?

What potential do you see for Gemmotherapy in the future?
It could be every mother’s mighty healing tool.

How do you use Gemmotherapy in your practice?
I use it for elimination and respiratory system problems. I haven’t gone any further because those two systems are where most people are challenged and Gemmos have so much to offer.

What more would you like to learn about Gemmotherapy?
I am still pondering whether I believe in that Gemmotherapy is more effective in an allopathic way of thinking “for this condition – you take this gemmo” ? Or must we understand the person holistically and intuitively select the most appropriate gemmo?

What advice would you give someone, a mom or a practitioner interested in Gemmotherapy?
Try Gemmotherapy first, in most situations the body will heal itself.
Try silver birch sap extract for 2 weeks and journal about your experience. See it for yourself.


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