Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Megan

May 24, 2019

Megn Cropped

Meet Megan — mom, wife and RN — and learn why she studies Gemmotherapy.

Why did you choose to study Gemmotherapy?

Because it WORKS!! My son, Calum, was born stuck in fight-or-flight mode, and for three years we desperately searched to find true healing for him. Gemmotherapy was our answer, and it has transformed our lives.

Now, given your studies, what intrigues you most?

The pathophysiology of each Gemmo extract. I am a registered nurse by profession, so to find something so effective, with no harmful side effects, has the medical side of me yearning to know more!!

What potential do you see for Gemmotherapy in the future?

I see Gemmotherapy as a BIG part of the answer to truly healing people. The power of meristem cells to nourish at a cellular level (cells are the building blocks of life) is what many of us are lacking today.

How do you use Gemmotherapy and share your knowledge with others?

Gemmotherapy is the first form of medicine I use for myself and my family. I was blessed to be a part of Lauren’s first Gemmo Moms class, where we learn how to teach other moms and caretakers to care for their families. I will be hosting my first Gemmo Moms class this summer, to develop a tribe in my community where we can share knowledge and support each other in taking care of our families’ health.

What more would you like to learn about Gemmotherapy?

Everything. 😊 I am really interested in learning each Gemmo’s mechanisms of action, to better understand what each one does and when they should be used.

What advice would you give someone — a mom or a practitioner interested in Gemmotherapy?

Grab one of Lauren’s books, order some Gemmo extracts, and go for it. The protocols work and are straightforward and easy to use. If you want to go further, join a class — you will learn SO MUCH and meet others who are also interested in learning more.



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