Yikes! It is SO the flu season!

January 16, 2015

Everyone is either getting over it, coming down with it or trying to avoid it like, well, the plague. Whichever category you fall into I’d like to share my insider tip and why it works.

In my practice, gemmotherapy extracts play a primary role in client protocols for both acute and chronic symptoms. Because gemmotherapy has the ability to clean organs and provide nutrients for healing, it is by far the most potent plant based therapy yet developed. When it comes to healing flu symptoms and preventing complications of the flu, I think it is unmatched. Let me tell you why.

When fighting off an infection our body needs a strong adrenal boost and an optimized lymphatic system. The gemmotherapy combo of Black Currant (Ribes Nigrum) and Oak (Quercus Pedolanta) do just that. Frequent and alternating doses of each support exactly what the body needs to fight off a viral infection.

Black Currant provides intense anti-inflammatory action which relieves body aches and brings down fever. At the same time it feeds the adrenal glands which have been called into action to ward off this virus.

The Oak dose, which would follow the dose of Black Currant when fighting the flu, provides deep lymphatic support by activating lymph fluids to move that inflammation right out of the body. Oak also supports the adrenal glands and helps with the symptoms of exhaustive states we experience.

The key to supporting the body’s natural healing process is to begin a protocol upon the first sign of symptoms. It’s similar to attending to a burning building at the first sign of smoke. The longer you wait the more damage and the more effort it is going to take to put out that fire. Do you want to put it out with a hose or a team of firetrucks? In your body all of the effort needed equals energy, so waiting and pushing through symptoms rather than giving your body immediate support can leave your body in an exhausted and depleted state which then often leads to secondary infections.

So the message here is to use the two great tools readily available, Black Currant and Oak gemmotherapy. Have them on hand and respond quickly to support your body’s natural immune process.

There’s so much more I’d like to share about the flu with you so  be sure to check back next week. I”ll discuss  why some people tend to develop secondary symptoms even though they are doing all the “right things” and what makes some of us more susceptible than others during outbreaks of the flu virus (hint: see what Claude Bernard had to say about the terrain). You don’t have to wait until my next post to take action to support your terrain. You can begin right now with an all fruit breakfast and begin to reap the benefits.


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