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Think the flu season is still a long way off? Think again. With the changeable weather pattern we’ve experienced across the nation, I’m predicting an early season and have seen a case or two already in my practice.


In this fourth post in my current series I’m taking a look at how to respond to the acute symptoms of a flu or virus naturally and discussing why that is truly a better option. If you are just joining in and have missed the first few weeks you may want to catch up by reading the dangers behind suppressing symptoms, what to have on hand to be prepared for the coming allergy, cold, and flu season, and last week’s post on resolving seasonal allergy symptoms.

There is no doubt the flu isn’t fun, especially when it drags on for weeks with your energy slow to return. Imagine, however, that this doesn’t always have to be the case. Understanding the why behind your symptoms and making a few changes in your approach will make all the difference in the world.

The Root of the Problem
I’d like to challenge your belief system when it comes to “catching” a flu or virus. Our everyday world is full of opportunities to “catch” something. If we caught something only because we were exposed, we would be sick 24/7. Here is why we “catch” something and how the body uses it as an opportunity to clean:

  • The body is a self cleaning and self healing organism.
  • When the body cannot clean optimally over time through our primary organs of elimination it looks for opportunities to clean through the emergency exits- skin, sinuses, mouth, ears, and or vagina in women creating inflammatory states.
  • This process weakens the immune system as it must be in continual response to the inflammation present.
  • A flu or virus becomes an opportunity for the body to flush out what has built up over time as from the primary organs of elimination and a weakened immune system. This flushing out can occur as diarrhea, vomiting, sinus congestion, or bronchial congestion all releases of the buildup.

The truth is- We are most susceptible to viral and bacterial inflammations when our body needs to clean. All of our bodies need this seasonally in late fall and spring at times of transitions for nature. So suppressing the body’s natural means to clean what has already built up is a move in a dangerous direction. Every act of suppression is returning that inflammation right back to the organs that are trying to clean and adding to your whole inflammatory load. This suppression can look like antibiotics, nasal spray for congestion, Mucinex for cough, or Imodium for diarrhea. It is all equally problematic. The inflammatory load that is increased is what leads to chronic symptoms and chronic disease.


The Plan

So what’s my natural plan? Instead of suppressing, we must support the organs affected and the immune response so the body can resolve the inflammation.

Here are the steps to follow at the first sign of acute flu or virus symptoms:

  1. Immediately reduce the energy spent on digestion and inflammatory load by nourishing your body only with alkalizing fresh juices, coconut water, teas, and broth or miso soup.
  2. The first 24 hours are the most critical as your immune system is called into duty. Give your body the energy it needs in the moment.  Taking off work three days from now is of no use.
  3. Keep especially your kidneys warm to help with their extra load. A hot water bottle or heating pad is most helpful.
  4. Begin the Gemmotherapy flu protocol of alternating doses of Black Currant and Oak.

First 24 Hours
Take one dose every hour, alternating one dose Black Currant, the next hour Oak.

Next 48 Hours
Take one dose every two hours, still alternating one dose Black Currant, the next hour Oak.

If there is not a 50% improvement in energy after a full 48 hours of rest and care, contact your natural health care practitioner for further support to strengthen your vital force.

The Remaining Days
Continue on the alternating doses of Black Currant and Oak, one dose of each every 4 hours two days past the point of all symptoms being completely resolved


Our flu protocol of Black Currant and Oak is tried and true and is used by clients across the country. It has been adopted by many of my colleagues in their practices including my mentor Dr. Frei in Switzerland!  Gemmotherapy offers the body something no other natural therapy can- the action of cleaning, draining, and fortifying the affected organ tissue. This powerful action is due to the inclusion of the plan meristem cells in each extract.

Gemmotherapy is the youngest plant based medicine and is fascinating to study as a home user or as a practitioner. While you can find many more acute protocols in my blog you can now read them together in my newly released, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. In this first book of the series you’ll learn Gemmotherapy history, fundamentals, and find 36 proven reliable protocols for acute symptoms.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Check out this online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course or join me live this week for the start of my fall webinar series.

Welcome back to my series on responding to acute care symptoms naturally. In the first two weeks I shared the dangers behind suppressing symptoms and what to have on hand to be prepared for the coming allergy, cold, and flu season.

While June through August can be a reprieve for seasonal allergy sufferers in Austin and along the southern states, the symptoms all return again in the fall. There is no doubt that those affected really struggle and life is miserable with clogged throbbing sinuses. Imagine, however, that this doesn’t always have to be the case. Understanding the why behind your symptoms and making a few lifestyle changes can rid you of this annoying pattern for the rest of your life.


The Root of the Problem
Because symptoms are merely messages from the body alerting you of a deeper imbalance, let’s take a look at what’s behind the always irritating itchy runny eyes and stuffed sinuses. The root of this problem is surprisingly not in your head. It is in your digestive system, including your liver! When the digestive system has to work overtime to break down food that our body was not designed to digest, our elimination slows. When elimination slows, the lymphatic system looks for emergency exits to clean the body. The most common emergency exits are the sinuses and skin. These are followed by the eyes, ears, mouth (cold, canker sores) and for women the vagina (candida). An important point however is that the sooner you begin to address your symptoms the better the more improvement you will see this season. So get started now with the following course of action.


The Plan
So if the root of the sinus symptoms exists in the digestive system what are the steps to resolve the inflammation experienced?

  1. Eliminate foods that are difficult or impossible to digest, causing inflammation, at the very least during allergy season. The number one food source to avoid is dairy products. That includes all products made from milk (cow, goat, or sheep). Alcoholic beverages are next on the list to trigger allergy symptoms and that is because of the toll they put on the liver causing the lymphatic system to search for emergency exits to clean.
  1. Further support your digestive system with probiotics. I recommend Lifybiotic. Be thoughtful regarding your purchase as there is no regulated testing of probiotics proving whether the item you purchase delivers what is on the label. Purchase from a knowledgeable practitioner or a natural pharmacy only.
  1. Take the specific Gemmotherapy protocol for sinus congestion daily during allergy season to improve the adrenal response, resolve inflammation, and support lymphatic drainage. I recommend the following:

Morning & Midday
Common Alder, Black Currant, Dog Rose


Adults & School Children
25 drops of each extract per dose

Toddlers- School Age Children
10 drops of each extract per dose

5 drops of each extract per dose


Here’s an allergy symptom case story I shared a few years back you might enjoy.

Our allergy combination is one of the most popular Gemmotherapy protocols we offer and that is because it works. Gemmotherapy can offer the body something no other natural therapy can- the ability to clean, drain, and fortify the affected organ tissue. This powerful action is due to the inclusion of the plan meristem cells in each extract. Gemmotherapy is the youngest plant based medicine and is fascinating to study as a home user or as a practitioner.

While you can find many more acute protocols in my blog you can now read them together in my newly released, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. In this first book of the series you’ll learn Gemmotherapy history, fundamentals, and find 36 proven, reliable protocols for acute symptoms.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Check out this online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course or join me live next week for the start of my fall webinar series.

Big news! Lauren is hiring an Office Assistant to work in the office part-time and help Aaron with daily duties. If you or anyone you know might be interested in this opportunity, please contact Gail Hurt for more information.

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Last week, in the first post from this new series I explained the dangers of suppressing  acute symptoms. The majority of chronic symptoms that plague our culture today are a direct result of ill advice regarding simple acute symptoms. We live in a society that fears symptoms. When one appears there is a pill, cream, or spray to fix it. Symptoms are messages from your body though! Learning the language of these affections and responding appropriately to the root cause is what is needed.


So what is an appropriate response to acute symptoms? Therapies that support the immune system, the lymphatic system, and the organ/organs involved. In my practice I have found Gemmotherapy to provide the best first response.  Homeopathy and /or Acupuncture are best to follow when the vital force of the individual needs further support. This would be evident after 24 hours on Gemmotherapy and the energy and appetite are not improving.

Supporting the body naturally during acute symptoms however requires an early response. In order to do that, one must be prepared. Since Gemmotherapy isn’t readily available in the U.S., it makes sense to keep a supply of extracts on hand to put to quick use when needed. What Gemmotherapy extracts should you keep on hand? To handle the majority of symptoms from an acute inflammation or accident you may want to invest in these ten:

Black Currant
Black Honeysuckle
Common Alder
Dog Rose

These ten extracts, when combined into protocols, will support the body to resolve the following:

Allergic Reactions
Bites and Stings
Canker and Cold Sores
Headaches (tension not migraine)
Acid Reflux
Food Related Digestive Discomfort
Coughs, Wet and Dry
Ear Aches
Seasonal Allergies
Sore Throat
Infected Wounds (including Staph)

As you can see, Gemmotherapy is quite versatile and having a small inventory on hand will get you though most common acute symptoms. You can find seven of these ten acute Gemmotherapy extracts ready to go in our Acute Care Kit or simply order what you need individually.

While you can find protocols for most of these symptoms in my blog you can now find them together along with much more information in my newly released, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. In this first book in the series you’ll learn Gemmotherapy fundamentals and find 36 proven, reliable protocols for acute symptoms.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Check out my online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course or join in online for my fall webinar series.

Symptoms of flu, cold, and allergies will soon be flaring. Having your action plan in place will ease the stress on you and your body now and, even more importantly, in the long-term. Make this the year you chose to take care of yourself through the season rather than providing momentary fix after fix.


What do I mean by that? There are a host of widely accepted options from OTC medications to antibiotic treatment that, while providing short term symptom relief, actually pave the path to developing serious chronic conditions. You can make a difference in your health now by changing the pattern this season with the first symptom you experience.

If you are the parents of young children, this is even more important! The health of our immune system is established within the first three years of life! What we do after that can and will further weaken it, but the base level of immunity and the microbes that influence immunity are set in those first years. You can learn more on this subject in Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues by Martin Blaser or listen to his NPR interview.


So, before you treat that ear or throat pain with Amoxicillin this season, educate yourself on the long term effects of what you are doing to your body or that of your child(ren). To be sure: antibiotics have truly saved countless lives and that is exactly what they were created to do. Antibiotics should not, however, be used to manage natural inflammatory responses in the body. This inflammation must be resolved not suppressed. And inflammation can only be resolved through natural support. This support can come from Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy, and plant based diets. Acupuncture is also a great solution for resolving inflammation.

What about cold and cough suppressants? Well, the name says it all. Where do you think that suppressed cough or sinus congestion (inflammation) goes? You only have one body with two primary elimination organs and a handful of emergency ones. When your body begins to clean through its emergency exits – the sinuses, the lungs, the skin, the ears – it’s an indication that there is a buildup too great for the bowels and kidneys to handle and it is time for a cleaning. This is actually a very normal function of our body twice a year, seasonally and when we suppress it, we are stopping an integral cleaning process. So, when your sinuses are congested and you take medication just so you can now breathe through your nose, think about where that mucus went.


What your body needs during this time is support and protocols that resolve the need to produce further inflammation instead of medications that suppress the inflammation. A successful acute protocol will support the adrenal gland that initiated the inflammatory responses, the lymphatic system to move out the inflammation, and address specifically the inflamed area or organ.

Get smart this year about your body and take steps now to change how you address acute symptoms. Like other habits you have successfully changed, this one just needs your time and attention. If this interests you but you still have questions – please just ask! I’d love to help you over this hump and to a healthier life over the long term.

Would you like to learn more about Gemmotherapy extracts and specific protocols for acute care? You’ll find 36 proven, reliable protocols for acute symptoms and learn Gemmotherapy fundamentals in my newly published book Gemmotherapy for Everyone:  An Introduction to Acute Care. Order your copy here.

Want even more?  Check out my online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course.

Here I am on the final days of an absolutely amazing four weeks filled with family, nature, and so many good meals together. My heart is filled to the brim as if it might burst. What a blessing to have two homes and to love each one equally for different reasons.

I’m quite grateful that my plan had us in Oehringen a full week leading up to our departure. Each and every day has been packed and there is still more to come. The days are full but they are not busy and the relaxed pace is rewarding. While there are special gatherings and events that have occurred these past weeks, it is the simple daily routines that fall into place that I appreciate most. These routines couldn’t be easier and begin each day with a family breakfast on the terrace that looks out over my mother-in-law’s garden. Sitting in the sun with overflowing platters of gorgeous fruits and freshly made tea, planning our day ahead is truly idyllic.

breakfast table

Laps in the Oehringen schwimmbad follow breakfast. Because this has been a cooler summer (rarely breaking 80 degrees) it was often just Joachim and me. Swimming in 69 degree water felt like home to us with our Austin Barton Springs holding at 68 degrees year round.  As swimmers, we have found that every lap pool has its regular cast of characters but I haven’t met one yet like the guy here who jumps a lane every length, making his way across the pool diagonally and back again. He so can’t be German!


Food shopping is always last on my list of favorites at home because in Austin it always seems like such an ordeal. But, here, popping into the all bio grocers in Oehringen is the best thing ever. I can get in and out in 15 minutes, literally every product is organic, and they have everything I need. What’s even better? I can get there on my bike!!

lauren bike

Then of course there is cooking with Oma. It’s simply fantastic! We both have such a love for good natural food and at 81 she is still amazingly curious and more than willing to try new things. The fact that she embraces the way we eat is absolutely heartwarming. Some days we take turns with meal prep but most of the time we are in the kitchen together, turning out food fresh from the garden for the four of us to enjoy.

Then every evening we head to the Friedrichsruhe Wald for an after dinner walk. I don’t know that I can find the words to describe how I feel about this place but the closest one is “home.” The sensory experience is so intense from the fresh air, to the song of the rustling leaves, and the palette of every shade possible of green. In the constantly changing world we live in, with so much artificial stimulation, this is a place that delivers a great reminder of what is real.


And so our time here soon comes to a close, as it has every summer for the past 8 years since we moved from Germany to Austin. Another life waits for us on the other side of the ocean with people we dearly love and a very different set of routines. It’s a little busier and moves a bit faster but it all happens in a city that won over our hearts on our first visit. It’s also home to all of my children. In a week’s time it will feel like all we shared in Europe is so far away. But when we take a moment and slow ourselves down we will remember the family breakfasts together, the feel of the forest each evening, all of the laughter, and of course the love which will carry us through the next year.

Greetings from the Canton of Bern in Switzerland! Joachim and I arrived earlier this week after a four hour car trip heading south out of Oeringen, past Stuttgart. We have rented a lovely studio apartment that is part of this old Ofenhaus on Mertonsee, one of my favorite and lesser known lakes of Switzerland.


The purpose of our trip is to pay a visit to my mentor and dear friend Dr. Heiner Frei and the theme will be Homeopathy rather than Gemmotherapy. Dr. Frei is renowned throughout Europe for his precise and efficient Homeopathy prescribing method, Polarity Analysis and he was the most influential guide in my early work. Today Dr. Frei has become much more than a teacher as he is also a dear family friend. He sets an incredible example for me with his steadfast but determined approach to share his method. In addition to his speaking and teaching across Europe and beyond he maintains his busy practice in the small village of Laupen, where he moved with his family many years ago.


Like many Homeopaths before him, Dr. Frei’s first training was as a medical doctor in Bern and he specialized in pediatric oncology. After some years of working under growing pressure in the field of research and cancer treatment he gathered up his young family and headed for the small village of Laupen. There he built a private pediatric practice on the ground floor of the half timber building he shared with his wife and three growing children. While caring for the families of Laupen, he looked toward Homeopathy as a less invasive therapy. Over the years he returned to research but on his own terms. Now researching the effectiveness of Homeopathy, he set out to prove to his medical colleagues that its effect was more than placebo.

Dr. Heiner Frei

It was during Dr. Frei’s Double Blind Study of ADHD symptoms and Homeopathy that he began to shape what is now known as Polarity Analysis. P.A. (Polarity Analysis) is a development of Boenninghausen’s Concept of Contraindications. It serves to determine in individual disease a healing probability for each Homeopathic remedy in question. The method leads to an efficient and reproducible choice of remedy and increases the precision of prescriptions as compared to a conventional Homeopathic procedure. Polarity Analysis is based on the revised edition of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook, an exceedingly reliable repertory, and is generally practiced with computer software.

This past year, my tie with Dr. Frei grew closer as he teamed with my data scientist husband Joachim to develop an online tool for Polarity Analysis prescribing. They launched the beta version of this software in May and it is still available to all practitioners without cost at A monthly subscription price will go into effect in the fall and currently the program is available in German, English, and soon Spanish.


While Homeopathy was my first love, it actually was its shortcomings that led me to study Gemmotherapy. While I believe Homeopathy is the ultimate therapy for the vital force and constitution, I also believe there is preliminary work that must be done to prepare the body first. And that work is best done with Gemmotherapy. Over time I have learned through observation that chronic conditions respond best with a protocol of Gemmotherapy and dietary changes before introducing a Homeopathic remedy. Once elimination has been optimized I then take a case using Polarity Analysis. I do believe the two together are much more powerful than any other natural healing therapy.

Though our daytime hours in Switzerland are taken up with discussions, Joachim and I have carved out some time in the evenings to get out and enjoy the local nature. Still light outside until nearly 10 pm, we have been on our bikes exploring the paths circling the shores of Murtensee. Two years ago we did the same with our son Sebastian and due to those memories we chose to return. Enjoying every last ounce of daylight, we have certainly gotten the most of our time here.

Please return next week as I share my last week in Europe soaking up time with our loved ones and enjoying Joachim’s lovely hometown of Oehringen.

Greetings this week from the forests of the Vosges Mountains of France and Friedrichsruhe, Germany! After eight years in Texas I can easily find myself captivated by the experience of exploring a forest, completely ruled by the cycles of nature. When truly present to all of its wonder, a forest provides such incredible lessons of both interdependence and impermanence.

Last week I began my series from Europe with our arrival in Le Thillot, deep in the Vosges Mountains of France. We had decided as a family it would be important to give ourselves a strong dose of nature at the start of our four week visit in order to shake off a year of deadlines, tight schedules, and way too much time on our laptops. So, following an overnight at Joachim’s childhood home, we were on our way to France along with my mother-in-law.

It was truly the perfect way to begin our weeks in Europe and so important to step completely out of our schedule and task driven world from the start. Renting a house in the midst of the Vosges was ideal. Each day, with very little organizing, we could head deep into the forests for magnificent hikes. As one can imagine it would be difficult for me to step into a lush European forest with Silver Fir, Oak, and Hazelnut lining the trails and not think of Gemmotherapy. In each direction that I cast my eyes I can encounter a vine, shrub, or tree that gives life to this amazing medicine derived from plant growth material that offers healing and support for specific organs and organ systems. So many of the extracts I use daily with my clients can be discovered with each step!

Interesting patterns indeed began to emerge first over the stretch of consecutive days hiking in the forests of the Vosges Mountains and now during my daily walks in the Friedrichsruhe near Oehringen. While the two forests differ, both share layers of plant growth similar to groupings of Gemmotherapy extracts that often work well together. Additionally each layer of the forest serves a purpose much like each grouping of Gemmotherapy extracts. I am certainly not the first student of Gemmotherapy to note this as The Drs. Franck Ledoux and Guéniot Gérard share antidotes about the natural growth of these trees and shrubs in their 2012 book Phytoembryotherapy, The Embryo of Gemmotherapy.  I also fondly recall long walks in the Romanian forests with my mentor Dr. Sorina Soescu discussing the groupings of the plants of the forest and how this might relate to possible protocols for our clients. It is probably because of this daily immersion in the forest setting, their ideas began to come to life for me.

I noted that the outer edges of the forests were thick with a collection of berries, bountiful this time of year. The berry vines and shrubs serving as a protection to the entrance of the forest included European Blueberry and Black Currant shrubs along with Blackberry and Red Raspberry vines. Here they were thriving as harmoniously together as I often group them in protocols.

Making up the next layer were Hazel shrubs along with young Birch trees on the banks of the creek. Often found under the canopy of an Ash tree, all three being water regulators in the body working to remove acidosis; Hazel supporting and protecting the lungs, Silver Birch the liver, and Ash the kidneys.

Going deeper into the forest I was greeted by Beech that purifies the blood and Hornbeam that increase platelets. These were followed by Silver Lime that regulates the nervous system along with Horsechestnut and Sweet Chestnut that improve circulation and lymphatic cleaning.  Threaded in the underbrush of these great trees I discovered Black Honeysuckle, used acutely for inflammation of the throat, and Lilac, used in protocols for cardiovascular health and emotional heartache.

Towering over all in the heart of the forest were the conifers Silver Fir and Pine, known in Gemmotherapy for supporting vertical alignment and the musculoskeletal system. So much healing potential and this is only a mere glimpse into the forest world! It is a good reminder that nature holds so much of what we need not only emotionally but also to serve and heal our mental and physical bodies as well.

My days ahead should allow an evening walk through the Friedrichsruhewald, pictured below. While not as lush as the forests of the Vosges, it possesses a magic all of its own. On the edge of this forest lie the house, farm land, and orchards where my mother-in-law was born and raised. Still full of life and love, it is now the home of her brother and his family making this forest even more special to my family. To see my son appreciate the trails that were walked by his father, grandmother, and great grandparents is heartwarming and a tradition I am sure he will pass along to his family.

I look forward to checking in with you all next week as I head off with my husband to Laupen, Switzerland to pay a visit to my favorite Homeopath and teacher, Dr. Heiner Frei.


Greetings from Le Thillot, France, nestled in the Vosges Mountains!


We have just arrived here after a four hour journey by car from Joachim’s home town of Oehringen, Germany. The drive itself has been successful in moving us into a different time and place. Life is about to slow way down for my busy family and that is just what this side trip is all about. We’ve had a fully packed first half of 2016 and now just beyond the halfway point, we are taking this well earned nature break. The two most stressful decisions of the next few days will be what we will prepare for mittagessen (midday meal) and which hiking trail to choose each morning. These decisions will be made that much easier as our AirBnB house sits next to an organic farm selling seasonal veggies and is on the edge of the forest with a myriad of trails just footsteps from the front door. This is exactly what an ideal Hubele family vacation looks like!

Hubele Family

So why is nature so important to us? Both Joachim and I fully recognize that we spend the majority of our day in front of computer screens. Fortunately my time also involves contact with a host of amazing clients but Joachim’s screen is filled with data- yikes!!! Given that fact, we crave the restorative effect nature delivers. We do carve out a slice at the start of each day for swimming at Barton Springs and a weekend hike when it’s not 100+ degrees, but that just doesn’t compare to a stretch of time surrounded by fresh mountain air, magnificent trees, birdsong, and picturesque meadows. And even though Sebastian has his nature fix built into his schedule with a full day each week of the school year devoted to Earth Native Wilderness School he always still desires more as well.


The Vosges are home to some beautiful bodies of water. Gérardmer is the most famous along with the smaller, quieter neighboring Longemer. I happen to have a preference for Longemer and have wonderful memories of spending some of the last warm days of fall on its shore with Sebastian when he was only 18 months old. Returning now 13 years later will be a highlight for all of us. We certainly have plans to visit both lakes for a swim at least once during our stay and hope to also discover some new spots.

Recharging ourselves in nature is now backed up by some wonderful science. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center put together quite a report in 2016 and shared the findings last March in The Huffington Post. How Nature can make you Kinder, Happier, and More Creative sounds exactly like the answer we have all been searching for in the light of our world and domestic situation. Who couldn’t benefit from a large dose of kindness, happiness, and creativity? I love this quote as it confirms exactly what I get out of a day in nature:

“Nature restores mental functioning in the same way that food and water restore bodies. The business of everyday life — dodging traffic, making decisions and judgment calls, interacting with strangers — is depleting, and what man-made environments take away from us, nature gives back.”


I am thrilled that we have my mother-in-law along with us on this journey. At 82 she may even still out-hike all of us! As our only living parent between Joachim and I, she has an incredible place of honor in our family and I am continually in awe of the life lessons she teaches me. Widowed two years ago, after ten years as the caretaker for the love of her life, she is living a whole new chapter, writing her own new script as she goes. When she can find peers to keep up with her, she will easily take a 20 mile bike trip on the weekend or cross country ski for a day. She’s been a vegetarian for 30 years and eats what she grows in her own garden. That’s what 82 can look like by the way!

Hubele Family

Since the fun has only just begun, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to enjoy the beautiful scenery right along with us.

Live Well,

These past three weeks, we have followed Molly’s incredible journey from her tremendous grief and debilitating Crohn’s symptoms after the passing of her mother to experiencing and overcoming secondary symptoms and to the eventual discovery of a healing path. As Molly’s practitioner I could not be more pleased with her willingness to allow her body this opportunity to heal and everything she did to support the process with diet and lifestyle changes. I may have been able to offer Molly Gemmotherapy protocols, encouragement, and dietary suggestions, but she had the determination to make this work on her own. Molly’s dedication has been remarkable and you can feel her joy in her words below.


“I have learned so much in just under a year about my body, it’s healing abilities, and my internal strength and drive. I could have been crushed to literal death by the devastation of my mom’s passing and this debilitating disease. But, I AM WINNING!

This summer has been full of opportunities to develop my new lifestyle and to enjoy having my health back. When I think of food choices, I always remember that simpler is better. A simple smoothie or green salad is now my go to meal. I make a great quinoa salad and I can wrap ANYTHING in a gluten free wrap. I love a little bit of salmon on the grill and my favorite dessert is cashew ice cream.

Like I said in that first post, the key to diet changes is to find alternatives. I have successfully found alternatives for everything that my family loved, from butter and milk to eating out at our favorite restaurants. Food is not the only change I have embraced though. I know that good sleep and less stress is vital. I have used Gemmotherapy, acupuncture, and massage to relieve anxiety and stress. A well rested body can heal itself so I make it a priority to get plenty of sleep.

When I asked my children what they notice about me that is different their list makes my heart smile:

“You have more energy.”
“You smile a lot more.”
“We go on long hikes now.”
“You always look for gluten and dairy that could be hiding in our food.”
“You use the bathroom a lot less.”

And they are all right! I now enjoy a life that I am in control of. I do everything with my children now. I hiked with my family in Yellowstone National Park this summer. We were miles from any bathroom and I wasn’t even thinking about it until my six year sweetly asked if we should be looking for a bathroom for mommy. I never would have attempted a long hike in the past. What a change!

These good times with my family doing what we love is motivation enough to keep fighting for my body to heal. I am not perfect and there have been times when I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been in making healthy choices, but I take the setback in stride and get back to work. This journey has been an amazing accomplishment. I recognize that it is a journey and the end result is a completely healed body. As I near the end of my first year, I can hardly believe how far I’ve come!”

So what’s next for Molly? A lot more of the same to be honest. A plant based diet rich in whole nutrient dense foods, moderate exercise, restorative sleep each night, and continuation of her protocols. Recently we changed her Homeopathic remedy to one that will offer more emotional support and I look forward to the advantage this gives Molly as she considers some changes for her future. We also continue increasing the strength of her Gemmotherapy protocol to further resolve old inflammation and promote healing of her digestive organ tissues. We both look to the day when she will not need even the one prescription medication. I do believe this is possible but the timing must be right. Next month Molly will return for further testing of her inflammatory levels and we will know more about the progress she has made. I’ll be sure to post an update!

Gemmotherapy played a huge role in the healing of Molly’s symptoms. You can learn more about this emerging botanical therapy from Europe here on my website. Interested practitioners can find information on training in Gemmotherapy protocols here.

Next week begins a new series as I depart for my annual summer trip to Europe. Don’s miss this one as I post from our hiking in the Vosges Mountains, my time with my Homeopathic mentor Dr. Heiner Frei in Laupen Switzerland, and much more!