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I believe food is our first medicine and, because of that, I offer a wealth of information to help you get your plant-based journey off to a good start. Check out our extensive recipe archives and learn there is no deprivation when it comes to eating healthy!

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Notice About Summer Hours

All you need to know to receive the support you need during the months of July & August!

Please Note: Throughout this entire period our online shop will be open and orders will be filled as usual.

July 3July 27
I will hold all sessions remotely from Germany using Zoom online conferencing. An appointment during this time can be booked directly on our website for Tues, Wed, & Thurs mornings or by reaching out to Aaron. The Monday before your session, you will receive an email with simple instructions for meeting me online or by phone. Aaron will continue to be available in the office Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm & Friday, 11am-2pm.

July 31- August 18
I will be away on a family holiday in the Pyrenees mountains and then traveling home to Austin. Aaron will also be out of the office completely. During this period, we will be accepting Online Acute Requests only and not responding to any other emails. (All online acute care submissions will be invoiced after August 14.)