Choose your GemmojiTM

Along with input from my loyal students of Gemmotherapy I’ve discovered a method of stabilizing emotional health using specific extracts. Search for your Gemmoji and discover extracts that will offer support.

The suggested use of these extracts is a microdose (1-2 drops),  taken directly on the tongue.  Always begin with one extract, however over time up to 3 extracts can be combined to support complex emotional states. 

Note:  The achieved results are only possible with a microdose, otherwise, the extract will activate actions on other organs or organ systems.


Extracts most suitable for Morning and Midday:

Silver Birch Seed,  Silver Lime,  Sea Buckthorn,  Almond,  Common Fig,  Giant Redwood,  Dog Rose, Oak

Extracts most suitable for Evening:

(minimum of 2 hours prior to bedtime)

Hazel,  Field Maple,  Hawthorn,  White Willow,  Black Honeysuckle,  Lithy

Learn More About Each Extract Here. 

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional mental health advice, diagnosis or treatment.