Cassandra’s Coaching Story

September 17, 2018

Cassandra Tondro, Artist

Please allow me to introduce you to Ventura, CA-based artist and entrepreneur Cassandra Tondro. Cassandra and I met last spring when she felt that her health issues were keeping her from functioning optimally in her work and from doing things socially that she wanted to do. At the end of her eight-session coaching package I asked her to reflect on the experience. Below are excerpts from that interview:

What motivated you to try a coaching program that included Gemmotherapy?
I’ve had health problems most of my life, and have spent the past 35 years searching for ways to feel better. I tried allopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, flower and gem essences, chiropractic, environmental medicine, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, positive affirmations, dietary changes, supplements, genetic counseling, and Rifing, amongst others. You name it, I’ve tried it! Some of these treatments helped a little, and some made me feel worse. None of them were the panacea I was hoping to find. A friend heard that hypersensitive people like me were getting good results with Gemmotherapy extracts, and referred me to Lauren. I’m the type of person who will try anything in an effort to get better, and decided to give this approach a try.

What were you personally hoping to gain?
I had a lot of problems with a lack of energy, headaches, digestive issues, weak kidneys, anxiety, chronic sadness and grief, and hypersensitivity to everything. I wanted to feel better and be able to live a normal life. My health issues were keeping me from functioning optimally in my work and from doing things socially that I wanted to do.

How are you different now?
I’ve been taking Gemmotherapy extracts for about five months. During that time, I’ve seen a big improvement in my energy level. I’m able to do a lot more than I could do before, although I sometimes still have days where I’m completely exhausted. As Lauren has said, “Healing is not linear!” My kidneys and anxiety are much better, and the sadness and grief are completely gone. Headaches are better, but I’m still hypersensitive and have some digestive issues.
I’m very excited that I have found something that helps. I don’t know why other modalities didn’t work for me, and I was feeling hopeless. Now I have hope again.

What have you learned?
In addition to recommending Gemmotherapy extracts, Lauren worked with me to develop a less restricted lifestyle and cultivate more joy in my life. The practices that she suggested and assignments that she gave me were helpful in seeing my thoughts and actions more clearly, and making some changes.

What opportunities are now available given your new skills and/or perspective?
This healing has been great for my work as an artist, my work in the community, and the volunteer work that I do. I can’t believe how much more I get done every day. I’ve taken on tasks that would have been impossible for me to do in the past, because I simply did not have the energy for them.

Is there partial or unfinished work that might bring you back for further coaching?
Yes, I’m still on a path of exploring the Gemmotherapy extracts, and have a ways to go with healing physically. Sadly, the more energy I have, the more I spend it working. I’m an “all work, no play” sort of person, and I have more “work” (pun intended) to do on cultivating joy in my life.

How was the experience of being coached for you?
I really like Lauren’s approach to coaching. I feel like she understands me, and she guides me instead of dictating protocol. She lets me decide what I need and the pace that’s best for me. She’s nonjudgmental, and I feel like I can discuss anything with her.

What advice would you share with readers considering a coaching commitment?
Keep going until you find the coach/practitioner/healer that works for you. Don’t give up. Be persistent.

Cassandra Tondro is an accomplished artist with a vision for creating transformational art. She uses repurposed, upcycled and natural materials for her extraordinary paintings, which can be seen on her website,


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