Meghan’s Coaching Story

September 21, 2018

Meghan Gemmotherapy Coaching Story

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to Meghan from The Woodlands. She’s a 42-year old mother and wife with a successful career in business development. Meghan had family and friends who had worked with me in the past but always found herself too busy to seek help. When she did initiate an appointment it was with fertility support in mind. When I offered the option to try out a coaching package, Meghan jumped at the chance.

“I really wanted to go on a journey to not just help me physically but emotionally, too. I knew having Lauren coach me along the way would not only help initiate and implement better practices, but also provide feedback and support to see me through to my goals.”

“During my first appointment, we went over my history and background and found there were both physical symptoms and emotional wounds which needed healing. I was very happy in my present life, recently married to a wonderful man, beautiful son and great job. However, my life had stresses both past and present which were being handled in old patterns. Through speaking with Lauren, I realized there were some underlying fears, challenges and mental roadblocks which needed addressing.”

As we approached the end of a coaching cycle for Meghan I asked if she would be willing to share some of her experiences. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

What did you hope to gain from your coaching experience?
What I wanted to gain most was to take charge of my overall health by making conscious decisions supporting both my physical and emotional wellbeing. I wanted to become aware of my body’s needs to restore my health and take active steps to follow through. Also, I wanted myself to be fully present to all my emotions that develop, embracing all joy and giving myself permission to have space for grief. I also wanted to better create a lifestyle that places value on my personal needs.

What have you learned?
My past is not my future. I can be healthy. I do have the ability to see the connection between habits/lifestyle and physical ailments. I can have all the information I need and do not need to live in confusion. There are practices to help guide me in a more balanced and present lifestyle. I have learned to be aware and break unhealthy patterns affecting my life and have obtained strategies to stay balanced during stressful times.

How are you different now?
I have been in coaching since March/April and feel it has affected me physically, spiritually and mentally. With Lauren’s help, I have integrated many protocols into my life which have helped me physically, such as my improved menstrual cycle, my skin is healthier, my restless legs are much better, my sleep is better, I feel less anxiety and more. I am much more self-aware in so many areas of my life, whether it is nutrition, symptoms of my body or emotions I am feeling. I am more present in my everyday life.

We have implemented many foundation practices throughout our sessions into my daily/weekly routines. As a result, I’m now aware when I need to rest and take “me time” and sit quietly. I feel more present in my feelings and thoughts, whether it is allowing myself to be happy in the moment, without my mind racing or thinking about the next task, or allowing myself to feel sadness or grief in situations without judgement.

How do you feel about yourself given these changes?
I feel grateful and more balanced having these improved changes in my life. I feel mentally and physically stronger. I feel more empowered, lighter and have a better sense of wellbeing. My mind is quieter and not judgmental towards myself or situations.

What opportunities do you see are now available given your new skills/ or perspective?
I’m a fan of meditating now. I have completed a couple of challenges over my time with Lauren thus far. This has opened the door for more quiet space within my mind and not to be so reactive. My mind and body are more restful, and I know the importance of quiet energy. I also seek journaling, nature walks, reading and listening to audio books. I have communicated this importance and have found work/family balance has improved. My confidence at work has improved, and my health is proactive both mentally and physically to move forward towards my goals and my family’s goals.

How was the experience of being coached for you?
I really enjoyed my experience of being coached. It has been eye and heart opening on things I didn’t even realize were holding me back, such as unwarranted fears or guilt. It has not been difficult overall, as I have seen the difference personally, but very healing.

I went to Lauren with one goal, fertility and health, but have gained so much more from my time with Lauren so far and I cannot wait to see what continues to unfold in my life.

What advice would you share with readers considering a coaching commitment?
My advice, if someone is considering coaching but on the fence, is to just try it – especially with Lauren. She offers a safe place, with a gift to release old patterns standing in the way of being able to move forward and fulfilling your truest whole-hearted desires.


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