Happy Healthy Babies Part I: It Really Is All About Elimination

March 30, 2018

happy baby

As a mother of three children, I lost many a night’s sleep with a child who could not settle or woke every few hours needing comfort and attention. Little did I know of the close relationship between their nighttime discomfort and their diet and less than optimal daily bowel elimination. I think about the sleep and worry I would have saved not to mention the stress and strain on their young digestive and immune systems. While I can’t restore my sleep I can absolutely help yours and along with that build a healthy immune system for your child.

I am always thrilled for the opportunity to work with a new mom and baby. Not because I don’t enjoy all whom I have the honor to support, but because those first years of life are when the most profound changes can occur – and simply! The immune system we depend on as adults is developed in our first three years of life. Early support of these maturing organs is critical and can prevent a host of what have become normal chronic childhood conditions such as interrupted sleep, eczema, or recurring inflammation of the ears or upper respiratory system.

Much of my work with individuals of all ages is focused on elimination. It plays a critical role in the health of all living beings but is never more clearly evident than it is in babies and toddlers. However, I’ve often been told by parent after parent, that I am the first practitioner to question their child’s elimination and they often wonder why that is so.

It is rare that an allopathic or conventional MD will raise an eyebrow at your baby or child missing a bowel movement or two or even three. There is reason for this. Medical doctors are trained to look at the body through the lens of disease diagnosis and medicine. A missed or infrequent bowel movement is not a disease. If the missed bowel movements lead to discomfort or impaction however, then there are medicines available to control the symptoms. To be clear, controlling symptoms does not resolve the underlying issue. It is this limited perspective that leads many to seek alternatives.

I practice an alternative that combines the use Gemmotherapy Extracts, a Plant Based Diet and Homeopathy, My protocols resolve symptoms rather than control symptoms. Elimination is key in my work. When elimination it is not optimal, the natural pattern of the body to clean and heal are disturbed and the body begins to compensate for this inadequate cleaning system. Infrequent elimination is the start of a chain of increasingly serious symptoms that can be completely prevented quite easily in the babies.

So, join me for these upcoming weeks as I discuss the common symptoms experienced by babies and children and how simple protocols to optimize elimination can resolve them.

It is my hope that by shedding some light on this subject, you may gain a new perspective on your baby or child’s health.

If you are interested in learning more about caring for your baby or child using Gemmotherapy extracts please consider my latest book, Building Immunity in Babies and Children. Information regarding my online and in person trainings can be found here.


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  1. Keri on March 31, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    I am reading your book right now and I find it very interesting.

    My kids and I have always avoided cow’s milk products. However, we have goat milk kefir and goat cheese in moderation.

    I would like to know why goat milk products are not healthy. I thought they were similar to breast milk, (A2 casein).

    Thank you.

    • Lauren on April 1, 2018 at 6:51 pm

      Hi Keri
      Thanks for your question. While you are absolutely correct that goat milk products are an improvement over cow’s milk they still produce inflammation in the digestive tract. You will know whether this has an adverse impact on your children by observing their bowel movements and secondary symptoms such as sinus congestion or skin inflammation. Let me know if this helps.

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