Isabel Frankel

Isabel Frankel | CCH

Infants, Children, Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Why Gemmotherapy?

Since 2014, I have been taking Gemmo extracts, witnessing first hand their powerful positive effects on the body, including the nervous system, elimination organs, adrenals, and immune system. So, since that time I have been prescribing them regularly with many of my clients because they respond so well. They work beautifully along with homeopathic remedies.

This is how I believe we heal:

Healing is multi-dimensional and individual, so what heals first could be on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Something within us leads the way to the modality and practitioner that is needed for healing. The desire and commitment to go on the healing journey manifest. And we continue to heal when there is a driving force to keep evolving.


Homeopathy (including the application of Ton Jansen’s Homeopathic Balance Therapy)
Some nutritional advice

Isabel's Pricing Structure

Initial Session (90 minutes)


Follow-up Session (45 - 60 minutes)

$75 - $90

Acute Session for Existing Clients (30 minutes)


Acute Session for Non-existing Clients (30 minutes)