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Lena Kozlovets | Gemmomom

Infants, Children, Adolescents, Teens, Adults

Why Gemmotherapy?

Once I faced with some problems that could not be solved with the instruments I used in those times (homeopathy, herbal remedies, etc), so I found gemmotherapy, tried it and it worked just amazing. I fell in love with this method. It is so beautiful and so powerful and it is in harmony with nature. It helps to be healthy but also teaches us to be in contact with ourself and nature. It is the mist holistic medicine I have ever met.

This is how I believe we heal:

I believe that our health is like the chair on four legs. It would not be stable on three legs and would not stand at all on one or two legs. They are:

1) good sleep and harmonized nervous system
2) proper nutrition
3) ability of our body to clean itself
4) physical activity

The chair has also its back. It is our relationship with others. I believe that we heal when we step by step go by these points organizing this chair to be stable.


Homeopathy (Polarity Analysis)

Lena's Pricing Structure

First appointment (1,5 hours)

60 euro

Follow-up (40 min)

35 euro


40 euro

Fir Ukrainians—30% from the prices or donation