Susie Killian

Susie Killian | MS Hom, CCH

Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Humans & Animals

Why Gemmotherapy?

Each day as I gaze into my yard, I am reminded of the beauty and healing power of trees, so I was naturally interested in the potential of these magical little buds to help in some of my more challenging cases. I was encouraged by what they could offer for the strengthening of the immune system. But what I found was that Gemmotherapy, whether on its own, or as an adjunct to homeopathy, offers gentle and effective support, balance and rejuvenation of the Nervous System and all organs systems of the body. I was particularly drawn, through Lauren's visionary teaching, to the miraculous ability of Gemmotherapy extracts to help people and animals experience a sense of safety within themselves by regulating the Nervous System. For all of these reasons, I use Gemmotherapy in every case I have.

This is how I believe we heal:

I believe we heal by becoming intimately aware of the sensations in our bodies and recognizing the state of our Nervous System. When we can truly experience embodiment, we have the freedom to access our inner guidance and trust in that intuition. By deeply tuning into ourselves, we begin to connect with the world, and this experience of supreme safety is how we heal. Animals heal in profound ways when they can feel and experience this same sense of safety.


Nutritional Counseling for Animals

Susie's Pricing Structure

Initial Homeopathic Intake (people)


Homeopathic Follow-up


Initial Gemmo Intake (people)


Gemmo Follow-Up




Animals Initial Intake (Homeopathic/Gemmo)


Animals Follow-Up