Fruits & Berries

Bowls of various legumes (chickpeas, green peas, red lentils, canadian lentils, indian lentils, black lentils, green lentils; yellow peas, green mung beans) on wooden background

Bring on the fruit! If you value your immunity you will want to be sure to include fresh and raw fruits to kick start each day. And then who doesn't love a fresh fruit tart or crumble? Take a look at my growing collection of recipes featuring fruits and berries.

Creamy Lime and Avocado Tart

By Lauren | May 1, 2020

Here’s a delightful guilt-free treat that you can even find time to make midweek. It’s also quarantine shopping friendly… is that a term yet? With only seven simple ingredients, you are almost sure to have…

Vegan Panna Cotta

By Lauren | April 27, 2020

 Ingredients 800 ml plant-based milk: 2 14-oz cans full-fat coconut milk, 400 mL each or 1 can of coconut milk and 400ml of another plant-based milk (I like hazelnut or almond milk) or 800ml of…

Watermelon Gazpacho

By Lauren | September 14, 2019

You are going to love this recipe for its ease and flavor. This gazpacho is so good I could eat it for three meals a day… seriously. So what are you waiting for? Grab these…

Berry Tart

By Lauren | August 25, 2019

Although I have been enjoying summer’s beautiful berries just as they are, this weekend I couldn’t help myself putting them into a tart shell. The berries, of course, play the starring role — but without…

Morning Smoothies

By Lauren | April 12, 2018

~Adapted by Tanya Renner~ Last weekend I was honored to lead a grace filled weekend retreat at Spirit Fire in Leyden, MA. Woven into the magic of the land and the center itself is the…